The Holidays are Quickly Approaching You Still Have Time for One of these Renovation Projects


Having a home improvement checklist does not mean that you will get around to these tasks before the end of the year. As the holidays draw near, you might realize that you still have a few things to get done. Here are some good ideas you can use to get your home ready for the festive season. 

  1. Refinish kitchen cabinets. Instead of dealing with the lengthy, and possibly costly process of replacing cabinets, choose refinishing. After sanding and repainting, it will look like you put in brand new cabinets. Complete the look with new, stylish hardware.

  2. Decorate the breakfast nook. Make the breakfast nook stand out with some simple decorating choices. Look for ways to add color, such as a tablecloth, or drapes. A flowering plant is another good addition to this area. 

  3. Beautify the entryway. Improving the look of the entryway can be done quickly and with very little spending. Get an umbrella stand, and consider a fresh coat of paint. A plant and a piece of art can make a big difference to the look of the entryway. 

  4. Change the backsplash. A new backsplash can bright then entire kitchen, making it seem like you did a major remodel. Consider the wide range of material options which include wood, metals and marble, just to name a few. 

  5. Install new sinks and faucets. Give the kitchen or bathroom a mini facelift simply by putting in a new sink and faucet. The attractive designs and finishes are sure to enhance the look and add a modern touch. 

  6. New kitchen countertop. As the central design and functional element of the kitchen, the countertop has a big impact on overall style. Granite is still at the top of the list for many homeowners, but cheaper options like quartz, concrete and crushed glass are becoming more popular. Consider factors like long term durability and the kitchen’s color scheme when making the selection. 

  7. Increase storage. Finding ways to get rid of clutter will help to get your home ready to receive guests for the holidays. A small pantry or buffet can increase storage options in the kitchen. For other parts of the home double duty furniture should be help with any storage problems you have. 

One or more of these improvements should be on your checklist. If you are able to complete some of these tasks now, there will be less work to do in the coming year.