Get Your Kitchen Holiday Ready with These 5 Helpful Tips


One part of the home that gets busier during the holidays is the kitchen. This spot is command central for most holiday themed activities. This means you can expect to spend more time cooking, there will be more people in this space than you are used to having. With this in mind, you will want to create the ideal setting to make meal planning easier, and to impress your guests. You may not have a lot of time, but these tips will help you to make some quick and effective improvements.

  1. Get rid of the cabinet doors. Ditching the cabinet doors in favor of open shelving can give the kitchen a whole new look. For one thing, it can make the space seem larger. For those busy meal prep sessions, constantly opening and closing cabinet doors can be a hassle, so open shelving can increase efficiency. Another advantage is that it allows you to put your attractive cookware on display.

  2. Get organized. Kitchen clutter can minimize any amount of effort to make the space more attractive. It will also make it more difficult to get your work done as you try to entertain guests. Start by clearing the countertop to create an efficient workspace. Find a suitable storage area for small appliances and use a rack for small items you usually keep on the countertop.

  3. Beautify the space. Splashes of color in the right places may be all your kitchen needs for a visual boost. A few pieces of artwork will be attention getters. A rug can also be the ideal complement to the kitchens them, and add a festive element. Be sure to use a non-stick mat to keep the rug in place and to prevent tripping. 

  4. Build a pantry. This may seem like a major task, but a small pantry can be built fairly easily and quickly. This will not only serve to store the increased rage of food items you will buy, it will also keep them safe from curious children. 

  5. New appliances. Buying new appliances can help to streamline your kitchen activities. A larger fridge may be necessary since there will be extra food. 

Changing the light fixtures is another step worth exploring if you want to make your kitchen ready for the holidays. Make sure you have a budget in place to help in making the right plans.