Pressed for Time this Holiday Season? These Quick and Easy Projects Will Help You Spruce Up Your Home


If you didn’t get around to the grand remodeling plans you dreamed about early in the year, you can still get a lot done before the holidays start. Many quick remodeling projects can give your home a new look that will impress your guests. Some of these projects will create a more comfortable setting for visitors as well. 

  • Update living spaces. Creating an extra living space can be challenging and time consuming. However it is possible to make a few tweaks that can provide a comfortable spot for guests. An unused corner can be a reading nook or play area for children. Put a fold out be in an unused corner so guests will have a comfortable place to sleep. 

  • Beautify the fireplace. Fireplaces will get a lot of attention during the holidays, so make sure that yours is looking its best. Painting over old brick can quickly rejuvenate the fireplace, but there are more complex changes that you can accomplish quickly. A professional can apply a new brick façade just in time for the holidays. 

  • Quick kitchen updates. Since you can’t do a lot of work in the kitchen, work on smaller improvements that will get attention. The knobs and pulls on cabinets and drawers can be changed quickly. You can also repaint the cabinets to make them look like new. A new kitchen backsplash can have a dramatic impact on the countertop space and the kitchen as a whole. 

  • Create extra storage. Additional storage options help with staying organized and opening up more floor space. You don’t need to spend on new cabinets to get toys and books out of the way. A few shelves can help to quickly transform the look of any room. You can also add an ottoman or two for quick access to books, DVDs  and board games. 

  • Repaint the home. Choosing new colors for the home is not easy, but it can have the effect of looking like a major remodel. Pay attention to the look of the furniture and floor to select complementary tones. Make use of accent colors and be sure to choose light, cheerful tones for living spaces. 

Other tips worth considering include a programmable thermostat and new appliances in the kitchen. An assessment of your home’s current needs will help in devising a home remodeling checklist for next year.