Renovation Ideas for Your Home Prior to the Holiday Season


Most people make plans to get a few home renovations done early, but when the holidays roll around, they realize that they are out of time. Fortunately, there are many great ideas at your disposal if you want to quickly get your home ready for guests. 

Update the Kitchen

You will need the kitchen to be in great shape to get ready for the increased activity that comes with the holidays. How much you are able to do will depend on your budget, the time available, and getting the right contractor. Simple, DIY jobs may work for some kitchens, but a new countertop, or sink faucet installation are usually best left to professionals. You can refinish cabinets for a fraction of the cost of new ones. A quick update that can work in any kitchen is buying new appliances. This will also have the long term effect of lowering your energy costs. 

Refresh the Bathroom

Guest bathrooms usually do not require the budgets of master bathrooms, so updating yours should not be much of a challenge. The replacement of fixtures is relatively inexpensive, and is a good option when you have little time. Putting in a new toilet is another quick bathroom update, and this comes with a few advantages. There are low flush models that lower water usage, and many of these products have comfort features such as seat warming. Given the size, changing the floor tiles should not take long either, and it will give the bathroom a new look.

Prepare the Deck

Clean and prepare the deck to make it inviting for visitors. This may be a good time to sand and refinish the wood to revitalize an old deck. In areas that get snow every year, decks will need some extra preparation. Carry out a thorough check for cracks and splits or signs of rot. Look for loose screws and shaky handrails. If possible, carry out repairs before it starts to snow. 

A new entry door is a good idea if the one you have now is showing its age. Clear clutter from the entryway and add some decorations. If you have a designated entertainment area, a few updates to brighten this space is a good idea. These ideas will work for budgets of varying sizes, and there are many tasks you can do on your own to renovate the home for the holiday season.