Stylish 2016 Trends that Will Improve Your Kitchen

Trends come and go; we all understand this concept. Some trends, like the awesome 1970s green and yellow patterns, are better left in the past. Others, like stainless steel, which became popular in the late 1930s, are still very popular for the kitchen. Today we’re going to talk about some kitchen trends that are likely to hit your kitchen at some point this year.

·       All Purpose Dishes – This doesn’t necessarily pertain to the kitchen design itself, but it does simplify the kitchen in a big way. All-purpose dishes are designed to go from the oven to the table to the fridge or freezer, and then to the dishwasher. They save a lot of storage space for other much-needed items and look attractive to boot.

·       Simplicity in Design – Sleek lines, touch button or touch screen appliances, and flush cabinet and drawer pulls create an impressively sleek and modern appearance.

·       Simplicity in Color – Simple color choices make a big impact. Gray refinished cabinetry instead of white provides a muted color to work with instead of the starkness of white or the mundane appearance of wood grain. Use splashes of color and texture on the walls, backsplash, countertops, flooring, and other areas while simplifying the largest area – the cabinets.

·       Custom Tiles and Woodwork – A lot of companies offer the ability to fully customize your finishing materials. Create coasters, tiles, or artwork using your own photos from vacation, or build your entire backsplash using photos to create a mural. Custom tiles and woodwork make your kitchen completely unique from any other.

·       Simplicity in Functionality – Kitchen cabinets need to open and close easily to maintain functionality. But that doesn’t mean you can add to the functionality to make it more sophisticated. How many times do you catch yourself yelling because someone slammed a cabinet door or didn’t close it back at all? Put those issues to rest with self-closing cabinetry and soft-close hinges. This keeps cabinet doors out of the way so there are no bumped heads or shoulders, and prevents slamming cabinet doors when people are in a rush.

·       Faucets that are More than Meets the Eye: The kitchen sink faucet or any other faucet in the kitchen can be transformed into a sparkling water dispenser, a water filter, or even a steamer for your latte. Shop around and discover the faucet that best suits your lifestyle and your kitchen.

·       Metal Accents: Copper, rose gold, and brass are becoming much more popular as accent pieces in the kitchen. Backsplashes, ceiling accents, faceplates, faucets, and hammered copper sinks are making aesthetic and style changes in big ways.

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