8 Kitchen Remodeling Trends that You Need to Avoid


We all know that trends come and go. Some trends, like stainless steel appliances, have been popular since the late 1930s when the kitchen became more of a social area and less of a workplace for women. We love stainless steel appliances, and we’re glad this trend continues to go strong so many decades later. But there are several trends that really need to go away. Now. So let’s take a look at some atrocious trends that we should all work to dump.

1.     Small Appliances on the Counter: Do you really need the mixer, blender, and toaster on the countertop all the time? They’re just taking up valuable countertop space. And do we even need to ask about the microwave? Please allow us to show you how we can build a nice little out of the way home for your microwave.

2.     Phone Nooks: Not many modern homes still boast a landline telephone, so the phone nook is no longer needed. Instead of a phone nook, consider building a charging station for cell phones and other electronic devices. They will see much more use in the long run.

3.     Desk: A desk in the kitchen generally becomes a landing place for junk mail and unwanted papers. It becomes very cluttered and doesn’t add to the functionality of the kitchen at all. Consider adding additional countertop space instead of a desk.

4.     Ceramic Farmhouse Sinks: Those pretty apron-front sinks didn’t really last long in terms of trendy kitchen items. Ceramic sinks tend to break more easily than most homeowners prefer, so we recommend sticking with the tried and true stainless steel sink in whatever style you prefer.

5.     Subpar Backsplashes: Remember those cute little 3” or 4” backsplashes everyone was installing a few years ago? Those only add a very small amount of color to the kitchen and they honestly don’t do much along the lines of protecting your walls from grease buildup. Ultimately they were more of a pain to clean than the good they did. That’s why today’s homeowners are choosing to install backsplashes that reach to the bottom of the upper cabinets.

6.     Trash Compactors: Most of today’s homeowners opt for recycling instead of simply crushing every piece of trash that filters through the kitchen. Stick with recycling cans instead of the trash compactor of the 80s – they’re much more attractive and stink a lot less.

7.     Hanging Pot Racks: Pots and pans hanging from the ceiling really put a damper on the open floor plan. And if any of your pots and pans become discolored or damaged, everyone will see it hanging there in plain sight. Choose a nice deep cabinet with roll-out drawers instead.

8.     Brightly Colored Appliances: Remember 70s green stoves and refrigerators? There’s a good reason people refer to that avocado color as 70s green; that’s when it was all the rage in trendy kitchens. Do you really want your five year old refrigerator telling its age at every family gathering?

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