5 Great Kitchen Remodeling Trends You Don’t Want to Miss in 2018



We don’t always recommend following the latest trends when you are remodeling your kitchen or any other part of your home for that matter. However, there are a few trends that are popular this year that we think will be sticking around for a long time. 

Here are 5 great kitchen remodeling trends you don’t want to miss in 2018:

Black Fixtures

Black fixtures will match almost any color palette that you can come up with, along with just about any style. That means that you will not need to change out your fixtures every time you change the color of your kitchen. We do recommend placing other black objects in the room though, whether it is a couple of black bar stools or black cabinets, so that the fixtures do not look out of place. 

Built-in Sinks

We love seamless designs and the new built-in sinks that are trending this year take it to the next level. Instead of plopping a stainless-steel or ceramic sink down in the middle of a countertop, your sink would be made from the same material as your countertop. 

Add a Little Concrete

Concrete is not just for the floor anymore, and we love how some people are using it for their countertops or even a built-in sink. You can even choose to have a light concrete put on your walls to add texture and extra visual appeal. Create a Hidden Hood

Hoods have been around for many years now, and while they used to be one of the focal points of a kitchen, many people are tired of looking at them. We love how hoods are beginning to get hidden behind a façade, because it streamlines the look and allows us to create a focal point of our choosing. 

Banquette Seating

We thought that banquette seating went away after the 80s and would never return, but we know some homeowners that have created fantastic seating areas in little alcoves off their kitchen and we love them! The banquette seating arrangements these days are simpler with less details and covered in cushions and pillows for added comfort. 

We hope that you consider some of these trending kitchen options when you are remodeling, because we think that they will be around for a very long time.