Beautiful Kitchen Trends that are Here to Stay

Most trends come and go, but some make such a lasting impression that they stick around for decades. Stainless steel, for example, became widely popular in the late 1930s when homeowners started making the kitchen more of a focal point in the home. Here are several other trends that became popular the last few decades, but they’re sure to stick around for a good while.

·       Quartz Countertops: Quartz is an amazingly resilient natural stone for countertops. The shimmering surface allows for the use of nearly any type of decor and it looks amazing under every type of lighting. It requires very little upkeep, which is a plus for today’s busy homeowner.

·       Open Floor Plans: No one wants to feel like they’re trapped in the kitchen like a pre-1960s housewife. We began opening the floor plan for the kitchen in the early 1980s and haven’t looked back since. We have, in fact, continued to look for additional ways we can open the home’s floor plan to improve flow.

·       Cooktops: The range has been somewhat replaced by a single cooktop unit without the oven attached. The most popular cooktops are a shiny, smooth, flat surface that looks amazing as part of the kitchen.

·       Ovens: The oven is an integral part of the kitchen, especially for homeowners who enjoy baking. Wall-mounted ovens are much better on the lower back muscles than the oven that’s traditionally below the cooktop. We’re glad this separation of cooktop and oven came about for several reasons, including appearance and placement options.

·       Counter-Level Island: The kitchen island provides additional countertop and workspace for food preparation. Some kitchen islands are designed to be functional where others are designed with a space for eating. The counter-level island is a lovely, simple addition to any kitchen.

·       Decorative Ceilings: We are not talking about popcorn or plaster stamped ceilings – we’re glad they’re out of circulation for today’s modern kitchen updates. But exposed beams and shallow coffers add a lot of character to the kitchen and provide many decorative and lighting advantages.

·       LED Lighting: Halogen lighting and fluorescent lighting are quickly falling to the wayside – another thing we won’t miss any time soon. LED lighting is much brighter, costs less, eco-friendly, and looks amazing.

·       Integrated Appliances: We love hidden storage and hidden appliances. Integrating your appliances into the kitchen is much easier than ever with today’s options. Your refrigerator should blend into your kitchen decor instead of standing out.

·       White: White is really coming back as the go-to color for kitchens. This trend came back in 2015 and we’re seeing it more and more for 2016 already. We love the idea of using white in the kitchen because it’s a very clean and versatile color.

Trends aren’t always a good thing. We’ve seen some pretty bad trends come and go. We’re usually glad to see them go, to be honest. We do love some of the trends that have emerged over the last several decades and that still stand the test of time today. Give us a call at 508-477-9003 to discuss your upcoming Cape Cod area remodeling project. We’ll schedule a consultation to help you design the best kitchen for your individual needs.