10 Home Addition Ideas that Add Value and Functionality to Your Home



It may be easy to decide to add to your home, but coming up with the right ideas can be a challenge. While you will no doubt want to make it more beautiful, functionality and value are also important. Here are some ideas that will help to inspire your home addition. 

  1. Home office. If you work from home, a designated work area will increase productivity and profits. Make allowances for additional electrical work and possibly wiring for communications. 
  2. An extra bathroom. If your family is growing, adding a bathroom is a good idea. You can create one that takes advantage of current trends, and it is ideal for busy families during the morning rush.
  3. Master bedroom. Now might be the time to get the bedroom of your dreams. Adding a master suite ensures your comfort and gives you the chance to get the amenities you always wanted. 
  4. Guest bedroom. Now you will always have an extra bedroom when friends or family members come for a visit. No one will have to be inconvenienced by being put out of their bedrooms for a while. 
  5. Sunroom. You can enjoy the outdoors while still benefiting from the amenities of the indoors. A sunroom is a perfect addition as it can be used for a variety of activities.
  6. Entertainment room. Create the ideal space for the family to gather. Provide storage to prevent clutter, and to keep toys and game items. A big screen TV and sound system will help to complete the atmosphere. 
  7. Hobby room. If you enjoy any type of hobby, make the most of it by creating a unique space. You can even accommodate other family members so they can have their own spaces for their hobbies. 
  8. Garage. Building a garage is a good idea as you can not only secure your vehicle, it can also be used as extra storage space.
  9. Apartment. If you want to earn extra income, consider adding an apartment to the home. When it is not being rented it can be used for another purpose, or it can serve as a guest room for extended family. 
  10. Kitchen. If the existing kitchen does not meet your family’s needs this can be the ideal home addition. You can have a modern kitchen with all the features and fixates you need for hassle free meal preparation. 

Making an addition to the home will increase its value, but this should add to your life in a meaningful way. Give us a call so we can schedule an appointment for a consultation so we can determine which options are available to you.