Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that Will Stop You in Your Tracks


One reason why people sometimes put off kitchen remodeling is that they struggle to come up with the right ideas. It is not as difficult as you might think, although it should not be taken lightly either. Sometimes, a kitchen can benefit from even modest changes. You should not feel that if you have a small budget, that a remodeling plan is pointless. Here are some of the ideas that will pay off in a big way. 

  1. Art Deco Backsplash. This is a good way to add some bold color if you feel that this is lacking. The interesting lines and geometric shapes will provide an interesting visual. Parts of the backsplash can pick up colors from other parts of the kitchen for a more cohesive look. 

  2. Butcher Block. For a new countertop idea, consider using wood. It has natural anti-bacterial properties and it can add some much needed warmth. You can sand and refinish it to get rid of scratches and keep it looking beautiful. 

  3. Give it more Light. If you turn on the kitchen lights in the daytime, your remodeling plans should address this. Put in natural light to add more cheer to the space. If the kitchen has no exterior wall, consider using installing a turret to improve the lighting. 

  4. Two tones for cabinets. If the cabinets need to be refreshed, there is no need to stick to one color. Two-toned cabinets will give the kitchen an instant visual lift. This look is not common in kitchens, so it will get some attention. It is best to use the lighter tone at the top and the darker color at the bottom. 

  5. A new countertop. You can refresh the look of the entire kitchen just by putting in a new countertop. Great options include marble, quartz, solid surface ceramic tile and laminate. 

  6. New appliances. You can change the appliances and avoid making major changes to the kitchen itself. Stainless steel is a popular finish, but it shows smudges and fingerprints easily. Look for products that offer energy savings. Black stainless steel, white and graphite are also worth consideration. 

  7. Period influence. Take inspiration from history to update the look of your kitchen. Ideas to get this look include painted finishes, usually greys or blues, bronze knobs and pulls and pencil molding on drawers. Natural wood, for the countertop of floor will help to complete the look. 

These ideas range in cost, so start by setting a budget. Stick to changes that do not involve moving plumbing or new electrical work to keep your costs down.