7 Creative Kitchen Remodeling Ideas You Need to See Now



If you struggle to come up with the right ideas for remodeling your kitchen, you are not alone. The multitude of materials and design choices make this a challenging process. Luckily there is no shortage of ideas to help you find your footing. Here are a few that will help you to make a statement in your kitchen. 

  1. Refresh cabinets. If you have a tight budget but you want to brighten your kitchen, a fresh coat of paint on cabinets will do the trick. White is a popular choice for cabinets, but neutral tones like gray can have an even bigger impact. 
  2. The backsplash. Updating or adding a backsplash can give your kitchen a modern, clean look. This is not just an important design element, it serves a purpose as well. It makes keeping the space easier, freeing up more of your time. Adding a backsplash can give you a chance to show off your creative side. 
  3. Try a new countertop. A new countertop alone can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen. Luxury materials like marble are now cheaper, but you have lower priced options like solid surface that are just as attractive. As the kitchen’s center, the countertop deserves special attention, so spend a little more for quality that will last. 
  4. Jazz up what’s underfoot. Even if the floor s holding up well, a new floor is worth considering. This can give the space a visual lift and make it seem new. You can get the warmth and luxury of hardwood while spending less with one of the many quality laminates available. Other great options for the kitchen include ceramic tiles and vinyl. 
  5. Get new appliances. Give the space a shiny, sleek look by upgrading your appliances. Aside from a new look, you can also benefit from energy savings, and high tech features. 
  6. Don’t skip the details. With a kitchen remodel, simple steps can make a big difference. A few pieces of artwork can add color and beauty. Use attractive hardware for cabinets and drawers to make a statement. 
  7. Add a breakfast nook. If there is an unused corner in the kitchen it will make the ideal nook. This is a good spot to relax and read while you have coffee, or while food is on the stove. You can also decorate it to create a visually interesting space. 

These changes are inexpensive when compared to a full kitchen remodel. With a small kitchen, try to open up the space as much as possible. Make sure there is enough storage so you don’t have to worry about clutter.