Keep these Hot Kitchen and Bath Trends in Mind if You’re Remodeling in 2019

You don’t have to struggle to come up with ideas for your kitchen and bathroom if you take a look at the latest trends. A good way to start to is to visit local trade shows where suppliers put their latest products on display. These products usually come about from closely observing changing consumer tastes and suggestions made by designers. This leaves little room for doubt in the minds of homeowners as to what are the best products for their homes.

The Kitchen

1.     Appliances. The appeal of stainless steel appliances grew steadily for years, but many experts expect to see a decline in 2019. Anyone who wants to make a statement in the kitchen should consider the increasing range of colors and styles. Suppliers are still offering stainless steel, but these appliances can make the kitchen look older.

2.     Minimalist design. Storage has always been a prime concern for kitchens, but getting rid of upper cabinets can open up the space. This is not a new trend, and it has been gaining steam in recent months.

3.     More color. White has been the go-to classic in kitchens for decades for its clean look. Now experts recommend a more adventurous style with warm wood, and painted cabinets. Greens, blues and even black will be hot colors in kitchens for this year.

4.     Colorful sinks. In the past stainless steel has been the standard, but sinks can now add more color to kitchens as well. Options include copper, acrylic and composite materials. Many metal sinks now have stamped decorative features that add more beauty to the kitchen.

The Bathroom

1.     Shower enclosures. This is a standard bathroom fixture, but they will play a bigger role in enhancing the décor. Using stained glass opens up a world of color and design possibilities for both framed and frameless types.

2.     Fixtures with color. Stainless steel is becoming a thing of the past in bathrooms as well. Some of the great options for faucets include copper, satin bronze and polished nickel. There will be more emphasis on layered lighting for a brighter bathroom, and these fixtures are available in a range of finishes including satin, bronze, gold and wood.

3.     Spa features. The bathroom will take on greater importance as a place for relaxation. Features like waterfall systems and chromatherapy lighting will help to create the desired atmosphere.

4.     Smart toilets. Smart features are becoming the rage in modern home design, and the bathroom is not being left out. Many toilets have features such as heated seats, hands-free opening and closing, and ambient lighting.

Matte accents will feature heavily in both kitchen and bathrooms this year. They not only help to highlight, they can add some warmth to limited color palettes.