Beyond Trends: Enduring Home Remodel Designs



Popular trends are great, but like all fads, they tend to fall to the wayside over time. Many builders believe that some trends are here to stay. Universal design, for example, allows homeowners to design remodeling projects for the future to fit their current lifestyle as well. Many are coming to realize that the minimalist approach allows a very clean, streamlined, futuristic appearance while getting rid of all of the clutter. Let's take a look at several other enduring home remodeling trends.

Flex Rooms

The flex room has been around for ages, but many people just didn't realize its full potential. I'm sure you've seen floor plans that include a family room/den or a library/media room. Those rooms are actually called flex rooms or bonus rooms and they're quickly regaining popularity.

Flex rooms, or bonus rooms, may be used as-needed to offer a quiet place to work, a secret video game cove, or a bedroom for that family member who is having problems. Many homeowners build a bathroom adjacent to the bonus room just in case it is needed as an extra bedroom in the future.

Minimalistic or Futuristic Kitchen?

Is there really a difference? Most people imagine a very clean, stainless steel room with doors covering major appliances when they imagine a futuristic kitchen. It's so easy to imagine such a clean and streamlined room. Many homeowners are designing kitchens with very little color so they can accessorize with different colors as they want to see change. The most common kitchen colors for 2018 have been white, black, and shades of gray.

Do a quick Google search for minimalistic kitchen and you'll see what I mean. Clean lines, built-in cabinets and appliances, and neutral colors are very popular design ideas for today's kitchen. This is the type of trend that will endure throughout the ages because it is a very sleek design. This type of design allows for the use of low cabinets, pull-down faucet designs, lower island areas with low countertops. This kitchen style would look amazing now and function extremely well later in life as well.

Elegant Bathroom that Adapts as You Age

A bathroom can be a dangerous place for children and elderly homeowners. Tub-shower combinations are difficult for little legs and elderly legs to climb in and out of, shower doors with metal thresholds are a tripping hazard, and many toilets are too short to be wheelchair or walker accessible for people with mobility issues. Some of the best enduring bathroom designs include a large tile shower with no threshold, a shower bench, a stand-alone tub, grab bars, and a comfort height toilet.

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