Kitchen Remodeling Trends that Last a Lifetime


Homeowners often remodel parts of their home to keep up with changing trends. A little research will show that many trends reemerge at some point. There are even some concepts that have stood the test of time, and are still used in many kitchens today. Here are some safe remodeling ideas you can use to keep your kitchen looking up-to-date for years to come. 

  1. The backsplash. This feature is becoming even more important in kitchens today. They have become more of a design focal point, instead of just a functional feature. Homeowners have shown a willingness to experiment with bold designs and styles such as art deco, mosaic and marble. In many kitchens, backsplashes are now larger as well. 

  2. Efficient cabinets. Cabinets are not relied on as heavily as they were in the past. This has led to more focus on improving their functionality to make the best use of storage. This means deeper drawers, pull and slide out features such as racks garbage cans. They are also made more efficient with dividers which make it easier to organize kitchen tools. 

  3. Quartz for countertops. Everyone wants a countertop that is sturdy, stain resistant and tough enough to hold up in even the busiest kitchens. The popularity of quartz has not diminished as it offers these qualities, and it is an attractive addition to any kitchen.. It is also affordable, making it great for long term value. 

  4. Dark or gray cabinet finishes. These finishes can help to simply almost any remodeling project. Since they can suit almost any décor or color scheme, it will be one less choice to worry about. Gray or dark cabinets can give the space a dramatic and sleek look. 

  5. Layered lighting. The kitchen is a special part of the home, and the lighting choices should reflect this. One source of general lighting is not enough for this space. Task lighting should be used for work areas, and it is now standard to incorporate under-cabinet lights as well.  

  6. The kitchen island. While some current remodeling plans and kitchen designs do not have islands, this is still a mainstay in many home. It makes any kitchen more functional by adding more storage and a dining area. It serves as an important design element as well. 

With these features, your kitchen will remain beautiful and trendy, and will always inspire conversation. You can combine these with some new kitchen trends to make a bold statement.