Bathroom Remodeling for First Time Remodelers


Out of the many people why people take a while to get around to bathroom remodeling, one that stands out is that many are afraid to take a chance. With new appliances and technology being unveiled, updating the kitchen usually seems more worthwhile, and the bathroom is left neglected. However, your bathroom may be in need of a style upgrade, so use the hints offered below to help you get started. 

Examine the Options

If you have not addressed your bathroom’s style limitations before, you may be surprised at the vast number of products available. Your first step should be to acquaint yourself with the latest in bathroom design. Everything from flooring to lighting to fixtures should be looked at. The Internet makes it easy to quickly browse some of the top products available so you can start to get an idea of which ones will work in your bathroom. 

  • The Faucet. The main considerations for picking the right faucet include a finish that will match your décor, and one that will suit the configuration of the sink. Your budget will be a factor as they vary in price, but you can get quality faucets without stretching your budget. Keep in mind the plumbing requirements and durability when buying a bathroom faucet. 

  • The Vanity. With the vanity you have to think about the available space, the height and the color or finish. If you have already chosen the wall or tile colors, take a sample when shopping for a vanity. Do not be tempted to buy one for its look without first working out these important details. 

  • The Sink. With endless designs available, it is easy to find the right sink, or to have regrets about the one you choose. Regardless of its location, the sink is generally considered a focal point in the bathroom, and should seem like one unit when combined with the vanity. This means it should help to tie together other design choices such as tiles, vanity and the colors. 

  • Lighting. Proper lighting is essential and a poorly lit bathroom can appear gloomy. If putting a task light over the mirror will be a challenge, consider adding a lighted mirror to the space. Like the kitchen, the bathroom can also benefit from layered lighting, with general illumination, and lighting for the bath or shower area. 

Many of your decisions will depend on the size of your bathroom and your personal tastes. Features like heated floors and towel racks can add an extra sense of comfort, but make sure they fit with your budget.