4 Things to Do when Remodeling Your Bathroom and 4 Things to Avoid Doing


A quarter of homeowners have indicated that they will remodel their bathroom within the next two years. Several of those homeowners will take on certain aspects of their project as DIY home improvement projects. Others will hire a design build company like us. Whichever category you fall into, you’re sure to get some value from the do’s and don’ts in this blog post. Let’s get started. 

These are the things You Do Want to Do

  1. Set a Budget: Your budget should be realistic and include at least 15% contingency. 

  2. Create a Plan: Never start a project without a plan. Contact us if you’re planning to hire us for the job or watch lots of videos and read articles if you plan to take on some of the projects as DIY projects.

  3. Use High Quality Materials: Don’t sacrifice quality for money; you’ll regret it.

  4. Consider the Future: Consider adding grab bars, a chair-height toilet, and other ADA compliant features. 

These are the things You Do Not Want to Do

  1. Move the Plumbing: Moving the plumbing costs more money, especially if you need to call in a plumber to install different lines. 

  2. Get Distracted by Trends: Trends come and go; pink tile anyone? This beautiful trend from the 1950s simply doesn’t cut it in today’s bathrooms. Keep your trendy features decorative so you can more easily update later.

  3. Overlook Lighting: Understand where lighting is most-needed and make sure it gets installed properly. A poorly-lit bathroom is not an enjoyable area to relax or prepare for work in the mornings. 

  4. Overlook Storage: Bathroom storage is definitely one area that you do not want to overlook. Make sure you have space for all toiletries, towels, and the necessary cleaners. A small closet, a few cabinets and drawers, and a medicine cabinet are wonderful storage options for the bathroom. 

The Very Basics

This is not a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts when remodeling your bathroom. This is simply a short list of things off of the top of our head for today’s blog post. Give us a call if you’re in Cape Cod or the surrounding areas and would like to schedule an appointment for a bathroom design consultation.