Add 6 Upscale Touches to Your Kitchen

You might think that you already have an upscale kitchen, but there are many other things that you can do to make your kitchen even more upscale than it is. These additional changes can make the difference of having an upscale kitchen and a magnificently upscale kitchen. Here are 6 upscale touches that you can add to your kitchen:

1.     Crown Molding: Many people skip the crown molding in the kitchen even if it is installed throughout the rest of the house. Crown molding can make it seem like the top of the cabinets and the ceiling fit together perfectly for a clean look. It also adds that finished and polished look that every upscale kitchen needs.

2.     Sandwich Appliances between Cabinets: If your appliances are not placed between cabinets, then you will want to place an end piece that matches your cabinets on the outside of the appliance. Ending the kitchen with an appliance is like ending a sentence with a comma; you just don’t do it.

3.     Get them Off the Floor: Cabinets and islands with legs make it look like you spent a lot more on custom furniture in the kitchen. This allows the space to feel more elegant like every other room in your house.

4.     Open it Up: Add a few glass door panels to the front of some of your cabinets as well as some cabinet lighting and you will be able to display some of your amazing dishware. This will add ambiance to the space in the evening hours too.

5.     Creative Storage: We always recommend that people are creative with their storage options in the kitchen. Adding custom built-ins is the perfect way to add more storage and appeal to the space. If you do not have space for a wine cooler, then a pull out wine rack drawer might be the perfect solution.

6.     Countertop Choices: Granite countertops are very popular, but you might want to change countertops for a more upscale look. Quartz is very similar to granite and marble looks very sleek. Concrete might not seem very upscale however it is difficult to achieve that wonderful look with any other material.

With a few additional changes, you can create an even more upscale look in your kitchen. Then you will be the envy of all of your friends when you are entertaining. Give us a call at @Design Remodel if you’re in the mood to update your kitchen and make it a more modern and attractive. You can reach us at 508-477-9003 or contact us through our website.