15 Remodeling Tips to Transform Your Kitchen Part Two

Thank you for visiting Part Two of our 15 amazing ideas and tips for transforming your kitchen. Kitchen remodeling in Cape Cod is one of our favorite things to do, especially during the colder months. We would love to work with you to transform your kitchen into a room that you can fall in love with. Give us a call at 508-477-9003 if you would like to discuss any of the ideas in our blog or if you would like to schedule a consultation with us. Now let’s continue our 15 remodeling tips!

8.     Plan Eating Space: Do you have a designated breakfast nook, dining room table, bar, or all three? Where do you intend to eat the variety of meals you make throughout the day? We recommend planning the flow and creating eating spaces before the layout of the kitchen is determined, that way we can work your ideas into the build.

9.     Landing Space: This refers to the spot where things land when you remove them from the refrigerator, oven, cooktop, or microwave. Make sure you have ample room near the stovetop to place hot pots and pans when they’re removed from the heat, and space to set baking pans when you remove items from the oven as well. Designated landing space is extremely important.

10.  Countertops: Countertop space in your kitchen will be a direct reflection of how you use your kitchen. People who cook a lot require more countertop space for food preparation where someone who doesn’t cook much can get by with less countertop space.

11.  Zones: Create a separate zone for healthy snacks for the kids so they can grab something when they get home from school. Consider adding a mini fridge and small microwave in a spot that is easily accessible. Implement drawer or cabinet space for additional storage of healthy snack foods. This could be a great thing to add functionality to the island.

12.  Pot Filler: A pot filler is often overlooked in the kitchen, but we feel that it is absolutely worth the mention. This is a small faucet that allows you to add water to pots on the stove without carrying a hot, heavy vessel to the sink.

13.  Knife Storage: Safety should always come first when planning the design of your kitchen. Consider the storage of knives and other sharp objects very carefully. A knife block is a lovely countertop addition, a magnetic strip is a good way to store knives on the wall and out of reach of children, and a knife organization drawer insert is yet another great way to store knives.

14.  Add a Communications Center: Today’s busy households need a way to keep in touch and to transfer information. We know that most families have cell phones and other ways to keep in touch, but sometimes the good old chalkboard or dry-erase board needs to be used.

15.  Charge It! As we just said, everyone has some type of electronic device these days. Install a specific cabinet or drawer that can hide all of the charging cords and keep your family’s electronic devices safe while they charge.

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