Go High Tech with Your Kitchen in 2018



Smart homes and high tech kitchens are no longer the things from which dreams are made; they are a reality. Best of all, if you want to take your kitchen into the high tech world it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some cool ways to make your kitchen smart.


Gone are the days where regular electrical outlets were your only choices. Now you can include charging stations for phones, tablets and computers. In addition to regular electrical outlets, you can also put in UBS ports/receptacles for electronic devices.

The Ideal Appliances

Almost every appliance in the modern kitchen is now technology driven.  If you like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, why not get a Bluetooth Espresso maker. Not only can you set this machine to brew your perfect cup while you grab a few more snoozes, it can monitor your stock of capsules so that you never run out.

Ovens are now able to calculate the temperature and time needed to cook food. There goes the guesswork of setting the right temperature and the risk of burning your meals.

How about a refrigerator that you can look inside while at the supermarket to confirm what items you need to buy? Well, some top brands such as LG now have refrigerators with cameras inside that you can view on your smart phone. Some even have the ability to play music.

Neat Apps and Devices

If you really want to make your kitchen high tech, consider using some apps and devices. One interesting device is the Days Ago Digital Counter which allows you to know when you first open a container. No longer will you have to try remembering how long ago a food container was opened. This nifty little counter is placed on the cover of a jar as soon as you open it and keeps count of the number days from that point.

High tech kitchens are energy smart so they save you money. In most cases, as kitchen equipment becomes more modern and efficient, they are also becoming safer to use.

High Tech Kitchen Design on Cape Cod

Homeowners who want to be trendy have options for converting their kitchen into a high tech zone. It’s not all about being tech savvy, but also about making your life easier and the kitchen more functional. Contact us at 508-477-9003 for ways to help you move into the future. We’ll schedule a design consultation and help you choose the best high tech gadgets and appliances for your new kitchen in 2018.