5 Home Luxurious Ideas that Will Help Automate and Improve Your Home in 2016

A touch of luxury in home improvement projects is always a good thing; add affordable automation, and you truly have a winning combination of must-haves for 2016. The kitchen and bathroom are the most-remodeled rooms in the home. We all enjoy having updated appliances and such in the kitchen because we spend so much time there whether we’re cooking, eating, or spending time with family or friends. And the bathroom requires an update every so often because it can look outdated so easily with trends changing every few years. So here are five luxurious ideas that will help automate your home.

1.     Touchless Toilet – Often seen in public restrooms, you can have this bit of convenience in your home. Reduce the worries involved in spreading germs by touching the flush handle after each bathroom visit, and enjoy the freedom involved with an automatic flush toilet. Flush with a wave of your hand instead of pressing the handle or button.

2.     Touchless Faucets – We also see touchless faucets in public restrooms quite often. But you can purchase really nice, decorative touchless faucets online or at your local home improvement center. Reduce spreading germs to the faucet while cooking in the kitchen or in the bathroom after using the restroom.

3.     Towel Warmer – Another lovely addition to the bathroom. We all love the way a nice, warm towel from the dryer feels after a shower. Maintain that level of comfort and spoil yourself just a little with a luxuriously warm towel every time. Towel warmers, or heated towel racks, are a wonderful way to add warmth and luxury to the bathroom.

4.     Heated Floors – This is Cape Cod, and tile flooring gets cold during the winter months. Heated flooring is one of the least expensive things you can add to your home. We can all appreciate inexpensive home improvements that make such a big impact on our quality of life.

5.     Smart Appliances – Refrigerators that help keep up with the grocery list, dishwashers that wait until power consumption is at the lowest point for the day, ranges that help keep track of your recipes, and small appliances that you can control from your smartphone or tablet… what else could we ask for? Check out your smart appliance selections and see how many ways you can automate your home before your 2016 remodeling project begins!

Creating a smart home sounds like something that belongs in the movies or television shows. Hollywood has a way of making us believe that nearly anything is possible. Those great science fiction shows and movies do actually go a long way toward influencing product manufacturers’ decisions to implement intelligent design and functionality, however.

The most important thing you can do is choose a trusted contractor on Cape Cod to remodel your home. We know the area. We know what to expect. We know how to handle the cold winter weather, and we know how to find the latest in smart home technology. Give us a call at 508-477-9003 to discuss your upcoming project, an existing project, or the possibility of working with us. We’ll schedule an appointment for a consultation and show you why we’re the best choice for your project!