7 Incredible Kitchen Trends You Can’t Miss in 2016


Kitchen trends come and go, but some have gained so much traction recently that we believe they will stick around for quite some time. The minute details may change over time, but the overall idea of the following trends will remain. Let’s look at seven kitchen trends for 2016 that you really can’t miss.

1.     Creature Comforts – Treat yourself to true luxury. Heated flooring, auto-opening cabinetry, motion sensing lighting, and touchless faucets go a long way toward adding luxury to the kitchen.

2.     Smart Appliances – Big tech companies like Samsung and LG have begun creating some pretty amazing smart appliance options. We now have access to refrigerators that display their settings on a tablet-like screen, help you keep track of your grocery list, and even suggest favorite recipes at the touch of a button. We can program ranges and ovens to remember specific settings for recipes, and tell the dishwasher to wash the dishes when power is cheapest. We can even control the coffee maker, toaster, and other small appliances from our smartphone or tablet.

3.     Custom Lighting – Customized items make a big difference in the overall appearance of the kitchen. Discover your crafty side, take a glass blowing class or a metalworking class, or visit the websites of people who custom create light fixtures, faceplates, and other kitchen decor.

4.     Backsplash and Countertop Designs – One of the biggest and most challenging trends involves two of the most prominent focal pieces in the kitchen: the countertop and backsplash. Many homeowners are pushing toward a custom backsplash that brings out specific colors or designs from the countertop.

5.     Metal – Heavy metals like bronze are increasing in popularity and will be even more desirable in 2016. Cast bronze sinks introduce shades of bronze and copper into the kitchen and promote the purchase of darker metals such as bronze for kitchen sink faucets, pot fillers, and cabinet hardware.

6.     Color – The most popular colors we see making a statement in the kitchen for 2016 are shades of green and blue which work beautifully here in Cape Cod.

7.     Sleek Lines and Minimalist Approach – Many homeowners are saying “Out with the old, in with the new,” before the New Year even gets here. Start the downsizing or drastic organization process early before serious remodeling plans get underway. Look for ways you can implement sleek lines and a clean appearance before you dive too deeply into the planning process.

Kitchen remodeling is the most popular home improvement project year after year. We, as homeowners, enjoy keeping our kitchen updated with the latest and greatest in appliances, and we like knowing that our efforts at home improvement have an impact on our day to day lives. Let us show you how we can improve the value and functionality of your kitchen in 2016 with some of these great ideas and trends.

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