3 Tips for Choosing Lighting for Each Room in Your Home

Lighting needs vary from room to room, and remodeling your home really makes this obvious. You will likely realize that you need a lot more light fixtures in one room than you do in other subsequent rooms. The kitchen, for example, may require more lighting because you need ambient lighting, spotlighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting. The family room, on the other hand, probably only needs ambient lighting and reading lights. So here’s a guide of sorts to help you choose lighting for each room in your home.

Step 1: Consider Each Room

Lighting a home can be difficult, but the easiest thing you can do first is figure out exactly what you want out of each room. If you’re lighting a kitchen, you’ll probably be more focused on efficiency and energy, whereas if you’re lighting a bedroom, you’ll most likely be looking at bulbs that give off relaxing shades, but exactly what you’re looking at is just the first step – correlating types of bulbs with certain desires is next.

Step 2: Selecting the Bulbs

Light bulbs say a lot about a room – they are responsible for not only the vibe of the room, but how well people can move around. If you’re looking for a warm and glowing light, you’ll probably want to go with an incandescent bulb. If you’re looking to go green, however, Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, otherwise known as CFLs, require 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, which is something worth looking into for rooms you spend a particularly longer amount of time in.

If you want to get even more conservative, you’ll probably want LEDs if, which last three times longer than CFLs, but use just as much energy. Halogen lights on the other hand release ‘natural daylight’, but at a high energy cost that’s still 10-20% less than incandescent energy.

Step 3: Fixtures

Fixtures can make or break the feel of a room, especially since they can be aesthetically pleasing as well. Take advantage of beautiful designs like Tiffany-style lamps or even a wall-socket nightlight. For larger rooms, consider chandeliers, or if you want to be a little humbler, you can light up dark corners with small table lamps.

Reflect Your Personality

Your lighting choices should reflect your personality and your personal tastes. Each room should have different lighting choices because each room performs a different function. The kitchen needs to be bright and beautiful, the living room or family room can be warmer, and of course the bedrooms should have muted lighting to help set the mood for a restful night of sleep.

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