6 Tips for Maintaining Some Semblance of Normalcy During Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

For the duration of this blog post we are assuming that your family will be living in the home during the entirety of the kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen remodeling is overwhelming, frustrating, and absolutely amazing. We understand that those feelings don't always go hand in hand. We also understand that it's difficult to believe that something can be equal parts overwhelming, frustrating, and amazing, but that's exactly what kitchen remodeling is. You will experience many conflicting emotions, in fact, ranging from regret to utter excitement. We've put together this set of 6 tips that will help you maintain some semblance of normal life during the project. Let's take a look at those now.

1.     Set up a temporary kitchen. Choose a spot that's away from the actual kitchen and set up a small, temporary kitchen. Use a mini fridge if your refrigerator is going to be out of commission. You'd be surprised how many things you can make using a mini fridge, microwave, and a single burner camp stove.

2.     Set up a temporary spot to wash dishes. Most people set aside the half bath or an unused bathroom to wash dishes during the remodeling process. We know it doesn't feel like an ideal situation to wash dishes in the bathroom sink, but it is a feasible option.

3.     Use disposable dishes when possible. TV dinners and boxed microwave meals aren't exactly what we need to be feeding ourselves or our children. Purchase paper plates and other disposable dishes so you can enjoy as many of your normal foods as possible.

4.     Increase healthy snack foods for the time being. We're all guilty of overindulgence from time to time. Take this opportunity to allow more snack foods than normal, but try to keep most of it relatively healthy.

5.     Order takeout or go out to eat once a week. Nothing is wrong with ordering takeout or going out to eat once or twice a week during the remodeling project just to break the monotony.

6.     Grill or plan barbecues and invite friends over. There's no reason you can't cook out on the deck while the kitchen is in disarray. Put a few beverages on ice in a cooler, grill burgers, hotdogs, or whatever else your family likes, and enjoy entertaining friends, even through the weirdness going on inside. Take this time to check out that amazing grilled pizza recipe you saw on Pinterest.

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