Take These Kitchen Design Elements into Consideration for Your Kitchen Remodel


The importance of the kitchen means that the design will always be a top priority. This is not just for functionality, but for comfort as well. Designing your kitchen does not need to be difficult, but you can feel overwhelmed by the extensive choices. Here are some interesting elements that are worth your consideration. 

  1. Black and gold combination. Finding the right color combination is always a challenge, so consider this classic blend. It works better in spacious kitchens, but it can be used just as effectively with limited space. Choose a light color for the floor to give the darker tones a lift, and incorporate different textures.

  2. The simplicity of black and white. This is a tried and true color combination that gives any kitchen a clean, functional look. It is particularly effective with an open, airy kitchen with glass panels. Consider glass front cabinets or open shelving to give the space more depth.

  3. Blend chrome with white. This is another strong combination that has unending appeal. It is simple, yet beautiful, and creates the kind of sleek look that you want in a kitchen. Best of all, you can keep this look for years without it seeming dated.

  4. Make use of space. If you have a lot of space, make use of it to create strong visuals. White palettes and sleek lines will instantly grab attention. Use white workspaces and add color sparingly in some areas. A roomy kitchen can also benefit from a chandelier, and use large windows to let in plenty of natural light. 

  5. Add wood. Wood accents can be very effective in a mostly white kitchen. The dark tones complement the whites, adding warmth and a hint of nature to the space. Warm wood tones can come from a variety of accessories as well such as cutting boards and spice racks. 

  6. Tall cabinets for small kitchens. Avoiding confusion and clutter in a small kitchen is important. Use cabinets that go up to the ceiling to make the most of your space and to keep it organized. If there is a kitchen island, it should perform as many functions as possible such as storage and meal prep.

  7. A minimalist approach. Avoid going too deeply into design concepts by choosing simple features to enhance the look of the space. Wood can play a big role in this approach due to its natural warmth and simple beauty. Skip the cabinets in favor of open shelving, and go with simple lines throughout.

  8. Rustic charm. Rely on nature based tones and elements to create visual warmth. Wood and natural stone elements will help to bolster this theme. Keep shelving simple, and use accessories that have earthy tones and based appliances. Avoid elegant or luxurious lighting choices. Simple pendants or a basic chandelier can help to complete the look.

While the kitchen lends itself to creative design choices, do no try to do too much, especially if it is small. Consult a designer for help if you have difficulty coming up with the right theme.