How to Create a Successful Partnership with Your Kitchen Designer


A kitchen designer can help take some of the stress out of planning your new kitchen. Problems most often occur when lines of communication are strained in some way or missing entirely. We can work with you to design your kitchen or we can simply build the kitchen after it has been designed by a professional kitchen designer. Here are a few tips for working with a designer.

Know Your Budget

We start here simply because budget is everything. We always recommend that you create a design build budget with at least a 15% contingency. This gives you plenty of room to splurge a little if things are cheaper than planned. But make sure your designer knows your budget before they begin. 

Understand what Currently Works and what Doesn’t

You use your kitchen on a daily basis. You know what works and what doesn’t. You need to let your designer know what works as well as why it works for you. Then discuss what does not work and why it doesn’t work for you. Make sure they understand that you want to keep specific aspects in place while remodeling. 

Research before Calling a Professional Kitchen Designer

The entire kitchen design and remodeling process will flow much more smoothly if you have a good idea of what you want. Collect images of kitchens that you love so you can show the designer. This helps create an understanding and shows the designer the style you prefer. 

Be Flexible and Open to Other Ideas

While we fully understand that you have specific ideas in mind, we recommend going into this project with an open mind. You may have your mind absolutely set on one specific thing, but the designer has another idea for that thing. Give him or her time to explain their idea before putting your foot down and closing your ears. You might just find their idea appealing after all.

Create a Timeline 

You don’t want to be looking at different design ideas 6 months after you’ve hired the designer. Create a timeline and stick to it. Don’t allow yourself to get swept up in just one more idea. A good designer won’t generally need to present more than a few designs before you choose one.

Remember to be Patient

The design process is only the beginning of the whole remodeling process. Designing and building the perfect kitchen takes time and careful consideration. Be patient with yourself, your designer, and your builder; and request that they extend the same patients to you.

Cape Cod Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re in Cape Cod or the surrounding area and would like to schedule a kitchen remodeling consultation with us, give us a call. We’re happy to discuss your remodeling ideas and help you through the process.