Remodeling Repeat...with pictures. Week 2

Week 2 finds us wrapping up the bulk of the demolition out on Scraggy Neck.  The rain finally ended. Was it 8 days of rain? Sure seemed like it. Here are some pictures to enjoy...


This is the view from the house we are working on. The spit o' land in the right is Wings Neck in Pocasset. Beyond is the entrance to the Cape Cod Canal where we can watch cruise ships, barges and sailing ships plying the waters of Buzzards Bay.


This is the back of the house that overlooks Buzzards Bay. In the weeks ahead, we'll be adding dormers and a observation tower. Oh, that's Blackie checking out the view just before he took his daily dip. LOL!


Front of the House.


Looking up at the chimney from the first floor. Notice the new engineered lumber "sistered" on to the existing joists. We're waiting for steel here, which will carry the floor loads in front of the chimney.


Stairs. Now just a memory. Many hundreds of feet have gone up and down.


Dennis. Crackerjack Carpenter and head comedian. Looking serious for the camera.

More next week. Cheers!