Remodeling Repeat...with pictures.

This week finds us on Scraggy Neck getting going on an extensive remodel. For those who don't know, Scraggy Neck is located in the village of Cataumet and is part of the town of Bourne. Scraggy as it's known locally, is a horseshoe crab shaped island connected by a causeway. One that's by covered by water from time to time! One of the neat things about this extensive remodel, is that I am remodeling a remodel that I did on the same house for the same owners 12 years ago. I'll get to see how everything has held up on this waterfront property and then take apart some of what I built previously.

This project will keep 5-6 carpenters busy for several months as we construct a new roof system, add an observatory tower, raise new dormers and add additional square footage and a porch. We also have to build a new stair case that connects 3 floors.

It's my plan to share the progress of this project via this blog.


Above is a picture of the living room just prior to the demolition. The plywood box in the background, encapsulates a slate topped pool table. We covered the pool table with plastic and we're just about to put a cap on the top to keep it protected for the duration of the project.


This is the debris chute built to channel the debris down for loading into the dumpster.


Soon several tons (Yes, tons!) of debris will fly down this chute!