Remodeling Repeat...with pictures. Update.

It's been sometime since I lasted posted about the remodeling repeat on Scraggy Neck. Very busy with projects. As it stands, we have completed the framing and exterior trim for the most part. We finally got a break from the winter storms long enough to have the roof shingled over to make the house weather tight once again. The plumbing and electrical rough-in's have been completed. While we wrap the new addition with pre-stained white cedar shingles, the bathroom prep work will be completed. And as soon as we get outside temperatures in the 40's, we can have the entire interior of the new addition insulated with spray on insulation. Spray on insulation is superior to any other type of insulation as you have an excellent heat resistance value's as well as creating an air tight barrier from the cold winds blowing off Buzzards Bay!

Next up will be the installation of special order windows in the stair tower and completing all of the exterior sidewall. During this time the plasterers will hang blue board and then skimcoat the plaster with plaster mud for a smooth and durable finish.

Back of House During Trim Install

Tower Framed and Ready for Special Order Windows

Weaving White Cedar Shingles. This Part of the House has 13 Inside and Outside Corners to Weave!

Post Been Weaved or Laced. This is When you Custom Cut Each Shingle to Create a Finished Corner.

Tub Surround Almost Ready For Tile.

Custom Shower Ready for a Poured Base and Tile.

Buzzards Bay- VERY COLD!