Keep These 7 Factors in Mind when Planning Your Kitchen Remodeling Project



Planning a kitchen remodeling project requires a lot of time and consideration for a variety of factors. You need to deal with the budget, materials, and many other things. But today we’re going to focus on seven factors that will help you create the ideal kitchen.

It’s Not Just a Kitchen... It’s Your Kitchen

Don’t plan your kitchen to mimic one you’ve seen in a magazine or online publication just because it looks amazing. Take your time, talk with your designer, and design a kitchen that fits your needs, desires, and personality. The overall functionality of your kitchen needs to fit the way you use it. If you cook a lot, for example, you need a kitchen that will not hinder your creative process. On the other hand, if you don’t cook that often and you want a kitchen that’s ideal for entertaining and easy-to-make foods, take that into consideration as well.

Functionality Trumps Style. Always.

The primary role that the kitchen plays is one of functionality. Yes, you want it to make a stylistic statement, but functionality should always come first. Together, we can build a very stylish kitchen without sacrificing any functionality. We will even show you ways to enhance the functionality while keeping that stylish flare.

Make a Statement

This may sound like a contrast to the previous paragraph, but that isn’t our intention at all. We want you to consider one specific thing or area to use as a statement piece. It could be an impressive range and oven, the backsplash, or even a gorgeous sink and faucet. We just like to see that one area that you love beyond measure.

Countertop Considerations

Really take your time and think about this one. The countertop should add to the functionality of the kitchen as well as add a few points for style. Choose a material that will stand the test of time. Formica looks good for a while, but stains too easily for practical use. Granite is a bit on the expensive, but will last and look amazing for years with proper care. Let us know if you’d like to discuss other types of countertop materials.

Cabinets for Miles

We all know that the cabinets are one of the first, if not the first, things we see when we walk into someone’s kitchen. Cabinets seem to go on for miles if the kitchen is not properly designed. Okay, not miles, but you get the idea. The cabinets you choose may be the first thing people notice, and the thing that gives them their first impression of your kitchen.

Get Creative with Lighting

Don’t be left in the dark! We encourage several types of lighting in the kitchen based on zone and use. Homework or reading zone needs a good source of light. The range, oven, and sink should be equipped with task lighting for safer food prep. Ambient lighting can come from windows, skylights, sun tunnels, recessed lighting, or even under-cabinet lighting.

Down the Rabbit Hole of Flooring Options

Hardwood, softwood, a variety of tile options, and linoleum just touch the surface of flooring options for your kitchen. Many homeowners visit showrooms and leave feeling more confused than when they entered because of the plethora of choices available. We can help by offering our expertise where kitchen flooring is concerned.

Kitchen Remodeling in Cape Cod

Give us a call if you’re in Cape Cod or the surrounding areas and would like to schedule a kitchen remodeling consultation. We’ll schedule an appointment as soon as possible and get the ball rolling on your newly designed and remodeled kitchen.