@home On Cape Cod Newsletter. November 2012

@designREMODEL Newsletter My heartfelt THANKS! to you for helping us have another great year! And this thanks goes out to all of our clients, trade partners, suppliers and friends because each and everyone of you have contributed to our success in big and small ways.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Willy Wonka. A Family Affair...

Willy-Wonka-Poster-Art-201x300Do It At Cotuit! has become the catch-phrase for this powerhouse of live theater and a wide variety of arts and media. Located right on Route 28 in Cotuit, they have an ever changing art gallery, multiple venues for live shows, and educational classes & workshops are also on going. So there is always something happening. And speaking of shows, this year's holiday production features the zany fun of Willy Wonka with a good number of families participating as cast and crew.

This year, my daughter KatieBeth performs in "Willy Wonka" as an Oompah Loompah. This is her second holiday production at Cotuit. Her first was performing as Zuzu in It's A Wonderful Life. In addition, my better half Tara, takes yet another turn as the production coordinator for the entire show. A position she has volunteered for many times.

I will serve a supporting role as one of the stage hands working back stage. For our family, Willy Wonka will provide much fun together at the holidays!

If you want to enjoy Willy Wonka, don't delay ordering tickets. As many shows are of big city caliber and tickets sell out fast! There will be 12 shows spanning Dec 7-23rd. Tickets can ordered online at the web link below.

If You Go:

Cotuit Center for the Arts 4404 Falmouth Road (Route 28) Cotuit. 508.428.0669


Getting Ready For Winter

With Winter around the corner, here are some reminders to prepare you for the cold, snowy months ahead.

1. Locate and place in an accessible location.

Ice Scrapers Snow Shovels Ice Melt Jumper Cables

2. Shut off any exterior water supplies and disconnect any hoses hooked up to frost free spigots.

3. If you have a fire hydrant near your property, mark its location with a tall stake and be sure to clear it out after any snow storms for access in case of a fire.

4. Clean out your gutters...again! Ice build up over clogged gutters can lead to leaks.

5. Protect any prized shrubs exposed to winter winds with a stake and burlap surround.

Our Next Issue

In our next issue of @home, I will share Cape Cod Winter Living... How To Survive!

@home Tip

Nest Thermostat in Cape Cod RemodelingAre You Ready For a Nest?

Recently, I left a job-site early on a chilly fall afternoon. I picked up my iPhone and with a few taps, turned up the heat so the house was toasty warm upon arriving home. Then later that night, I felt a bit too warm so I turned the heat down using the my iPhone that was on my night stand.

For some this might seem like old hat. But for others, this is something right out of Star Trek. From one of the designers of the iPod, we can now have much improved control over how we heat or cool our homes thanks to a well-designed piece of technology called NEST.

NEST is a digital, self-learning thermostat that can be controlled by any device that has online access such as a smartphone, computer or tablet. The beauty lies not only in its good looks, but also in its ease of use and simplicity.

Once installed, you use it as you normally would any thermostat adjusting it to suit your comfort. After about ten days, the NEST will start setting itself based upon your usage pattens. It will also go in to an away mode if it senses that no has occupied the space for a certain length of time.

In a nutshell, NEST is a worthy technology for your home because:

1. NEST looks fabulous on any wall. No clunkiness here.

2. No complicated use or programming instructions.

3. Turn it up, turn it down. Done.

4. Nice big numbers that are easy to read.

5. Cool Tech to show off to your friends!

For more details on NEST, read the Slate.com review.

Go to the NEST website.

For clients of @designREMODEL, I'll be happy to help you decide if NEST is right for your home. Just give me a call or shoot me an email.