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Winter HarborNo, not the ones from New York, even though I'm sure more then a few Red Sox fans would like to blame them for the weather. You may ask: what's a Yankee Winter? A theory I heard years back, was that deep in the psyche of a New England Yankee, was the expectation that winters needed to be long and punishing, thus building sturdiness and character.

Given a long tough winter, a Yankee would relish the warm spring days and feel that they had beaten the scourge of icy cold days and nights yet again. On the other hand, when a Yankee had an easy winter, they were said to feel guilt and anguish when spring rolled around.

Strangely enough, even though I'm hardly a New England Yankee, in years past, I've experienced both elation and guilt at winter's end. So yes! After spending plenty of days this winter working through the icy blasts coming in off of Buzzards Bay, I'm delighted that the air is warmer and that the sun feels good both on the skin and my soul.

I hope you spend time with family and friends soaking up the sun and the scents of spring after our long Yankee winter here on Cape Cod.

Spring Doings Sampler:

25th Annual Brewster in Bloom , last weekend of April/first weekend of May, dates TBD. Town-wide spring celebration. Arts and crafts show, road race, town parade on Sunday, concerts and much more. Full schedule at Brewster In Bloom

@home Tip for April

Daffodil Days at Spohr Gardens , 45 Fells Road, Falmouth. April 30th and May 7th from 10 am - 2 pm spohrgardens.org

30th Annual Herb Festival, Green Briar Nature Center in Sandwich presents its 30th Annual Herb Festival. Enjoy lectures and demonstrations on the use of various herbs, taken guided garden walks, and pick up special flora during a grand plant sale. Reservations are required for the luncheon. For more information, visit thorntonburgess.org or call 508-888-6870 May 13-15


Spring is the season to clean the outside of your home. And with our Cape Cod climate conducive for the growth of mold and mildew, many of us will use a combination of water and chlorine bleach to do the job of removing the nasty stuff.

But wait! Chlorine bleach is toxic to all vegetation around your home, and it's no fun inhaling bleach fumes.

A better and Organic choice is Oxygen Bleach. It's safe for your vegetation and actually helps plants as it inserts oxygen into the soil as it seeps in.

Oxygen Bleach will do an excellent job of removing mold and mildew from exterior surfaces. When you're ready to clean (or have cleaned) the exterior of your home, be sure to use Oxygen Bleach. Your plants and your lungs will thank you!

Diary Of A Locavore Locavore Logo

Cranberry Apple Cider Donuts

Hmm..Intriguing! As a fan (too much, my wife say's) of both homemade donuts and apple cider, there is a combination that includes cranberries that I discovered on a local Cape Cod foodie blog: Diary of a Locavore.. Owned by Elspeth Hay of Wellfleet whom is also the author of the Local Food Report on NPR. I came across her website while writing about Rein Ciarfella AKA: The Rye Bread King who was featured in my last newsletter.

If you really would like to dive into the belly of the Cape, Islands and the South Coast, this website has it. From recipes for Ratatouille preserve, fresh salsa and rosemary fried lamb to mention a few. An extensive list and reviews of local farmers markets and resources for food grown and harvested locally. The Diary of a Locavore is a great online resource for leaning about local foods especially those unique to Cape Cod.

Now how about those cranberry apple cider donuts? Click here for more.