@home On Cape Cod Newsletter. March 2011

home_Banner-2 Thanks for taking the time to read this brief newsletter. In the past, I've sent out printed newsletters, however I found that writing, printing, addressing and then mailing a printed newsletter a time and labor intensive project. This ultimately prevented me from keeping in touch with my clients and friends in a timely manner.

Now via email every month, I will send a short note to keep in touch, as well as useful tips and ideas for keeping your home in tip-top shape. I'll also share some of my favorite things about Cape Cod for all the natives, washashore's and mainlanders to enjoy!

All the best!


Here's Katiebeth!

KB2Lot's of folks always want to know what my daughter KatieBeth is up to these days. Over the holiday's, KatieBeth performed in the radio play, It's A Wonderful Life at the Cotuit Center for the Arts. She was smashingly wonderful in all 11 performances! Her mom and my wife Tara, also delighted audiences with her multiple character performances!

KatieBeth is now about halfway through 3rd grade and working hard at trying not to get caught reading during class, as she loves to read! She's looking forward to summer and the beach and hoping another show will come along so she can be the drama kid yet again. Watch this space for more on the Adventures of KatieBeth. :-)

@home Tip for March: Dryer Venting Safety DryerWith the onset of Spring, now is a good time to check your dryer vent for excessive lint buildup. Fires caused by excessive lint cause 15,000 fires a year.

Some Warning Signs 1. Longer drying times, are your clothes taking longer to dry? 2. Clothing is hot, yet damp at the end of a cycle? 3. Is your dryer hot to the touch? 4. Is there excessive lint outside the dryer?

A yearly check-up of your dryer vent will keep your home safe and your drying running optimally. Feel free to call me if you need someone to check that your dryer is venting properly. You can also Google dryer vent cleaning to find a service provider.

Don't Forget the Washing Machine. I always recommend that you throw away the rubber hoses the connect the water supply to your washing machine. They become brittle with age and can burst unexpectedly, leading to costly water damage. My recommendation is to replace the hoses with braided, burst resistant hoses for your peace of mind.

Also, always shut off the main water supply to your home if you are going to be way for an extended period of time.

Credit: Cape Cod Times/Merrily Cassidy

Cape Cod Characters On New Year's Day, we were visiting with friends in Falmouth who were hosting a small gathering. Of course, I was drawn straight to the table of various appetizers and finger foods. While we were chatting with our friend and NPR radio personality Dan Tritle, I noticed a fellow weaving in and around the guests offering chunks of bread. Taking a sample of the bread and popping it in my mouth, the texture was perfect and the taste fabulous! This was our introduction to Rein Ciarfella of Cotuit. AKA the Rye Bread King.

In talking to Rein about his handmade rye bread, this soft spoken fellow who has the look and a twinkle in his eyes of Santa Claus, exuded a passion for the making and baking of rye bread. He shared with us his experience of finding just the right recipe during months of trial and error and of waiting 35 years to create his own rye bread after discovering it while living in England. He is an artisan bread baker you'll want to meet.

Read or watch a video about Rein here.

Compliment Do you have friends or family thinking about remodeling? Help them avoid the hassle and pain of hiring the wrong contractor to work on their home. They will love you for sharing with them your favorite go-to-guy for remodeling!

It's a compliment when you refer someone you know who needs remodeling to my company. Feel free to share this newsletter with them. A Big Thanks! to those that have already referred my company to friends and family.