Winter Is Coming... How To Get More Bang for Your Remodeling Buck.

IMG_3240Right now as I write this post, it's about 75 degrees outside and the middle of June. Yet, I am already thinking ahead to winter. Yes, we are very busy with projects ongoing from Falmouth to Brewster. And as it is, we are scheduled out till the middle of September. And still, I'm thinking about winter. You see, our slowest period can be from about mid November until about mid March which at 4-5 months which is a significant chunk of time to be slow. This year, we've decided to avoid this slow time by booking work for this time period by no later then October 1st.

In order to make this happen, we want to do something of value and that provides an incentive for folks to schedule work during our slow times. Now our margins are not as such that we can say (in a deep, convincing voice) "Save thousands and thousands on your remodeling project if you buy today..." (if someone tells you that you can save "Big Money" on a remodeling project, run the other way, as they usually raise their prices in order to turn around and give you what you think is a discount.

And that last line brings to mind the thought, How do you really know if your saving money when someone offers you a discount on services such as remodeling? Quotes are usually all over the place for customized services such as remodeling.

So the question is: How can we add value to our services and provide an incentive for potential clients to schedule work during our slow time?

Introducing for the first time anywhere, Our new program called Home Assessment Prioritization Plan or HAPP for short.

Rotted Window Trim

HAPP is a comprehensive and professional review of your home and it's existing conditions. This assessment, which takes about 4-6 hours to complete, will look at every aspect of your home from the foundation to the roof and will include such whole house systems such as plumbing, heating and electrical.

Once the assessment is complete, we provide in writing, a detailed report about the home and it's condition, suggested fixes, prioritization and a plan for action. The HAPP can be used as a guide help keep a home in top shape while retaining it's value over time.


Get a Free HAPP and We'll Clean Your Gutters Too!

Purchase and schedule a remodeling project sometime between November 1st, 2011 and March 30th, 2012 and you will qualify for a free HAPP to be completed while your remodeling project is underway. (Project minimum is $9,998.00) And to truly sweeten the deal, we will also clean out your gutters during the month of April 2012 at no additional charge. (Services are valued from $1100.00)

Fresh, Experienced Eyes

You may wonder, why would I be interested and how would I benefit from having a HAPP done on my home?

Simply put: Fresh, experienced eyes. When we live in once place for long time, we tend to become blind to the imperfections or things out of kilter. Fresh and experienced eyes can spot the water damage that can lead to expensive repairs or the see the heating system that has corrosion in the wrong places, or water seeping through a foundation. Knowing what is going on with your home and taking corrective actions can possibly save you thousands of dollars down the road.

Contact us today to schedule your remodeling project for the upcoming winter, have a HAPP completed on your home and a gutter cleaning done next April!