Bathroom Remodeling Ideas that Add Style and Functionality While Increasing Your ROI

Every homeowner wants to increase the value of their home, but while they are making improvements, they also want to make sure that they are getting a good return on their investment. Some remodeling projects offer better return of investments than others, which is why you need to be careful of what you choose to do in your home, especially in a room like a bathroom. 

Here are 4 bathroom remodeling ideas that add style and functionality while increasing your ROI:

Install a Statement Tub

Everyone loves having a tub separate from the shower, so this feature will automatically increase the value of your home if you do it right. When you are installing the tub, you should place it where you can see a beautiful view when you are using it, if possible. We recommend adding tiles that look like marble to make this tub stand out in the room. 

Add Concrete to the Sink and Countertop

For years, homeowners were installing laminate or granite countertops in their bathrooms. Well, if you want an excellent ROI from your remodel, we recommend that you cover your sink and the countertop with a concrete overlay. You can choose a basic concrete look, or you can add pigments and additives for a slightly marbled or speckled finish. 

Install a Barn Door

Some bathrooms are smaller than others, which is why we love installing barn doors in them. Since this door slides from side to side, it does not take up as much space as one that opens up into the room. While many of these doors are available in wood, you can also find them available in all types of glass, so you can add a little visual appeal with your focal point. 

Create a Unique Look in Your Shower with Faux Wood

We all love the look of wood, but you know that it just isn’t going to last if you use it inside your shower. Well, we have a solution that will give you the look that you want without all the hassles! There are tiles that look like faux wood, and since they are available in many shades, you can find the perfect one to match your favorite piece of wood. 

Choosing any of these four ideas, or carefully considering many others, will ensure that you get the best ROI from your bathroom remodel. Your contractor can help you figure out which options are best for you and your home, so that you can enjoy the space when you are living there and the ROI when you go to sell.