6 Tips to Use When Remodeling Your Laundry Room



Whether your laundry room is off your kitchen, in a closet in your upstairs hallway, or down in a corner of your basement, you know that you will be spending a lot of time in that space. There may not be too much that you can do with the size of the space that you have, but you can use that space to its fullest potential and make your laundry chores much easier.

Here are 6 tips to use when remodeling your laundry room:

1.     Raise Your Machines Up: Front loading washing machines and their matching dryers are much lower to the ground than other machines, which can wreak havoc on your back. They also leave you with a lot of wasted space between the machines and the cabinets above. We recommend raising your machines up by placing them on pedestals. Most pedestals have a built-in drawer, so you will have room to store items like detergent, fabric softener, and stain remover.

2.     Purchase Rolling Laundry Hampers: You will never need to lug an overflowing basket over to your machine again when you purchase rolling laundry hampers. You can simply roll the one that you need over to the machine and lift the dirty laundry out and into the machine.

3.     Install a Folding Table: A folding table will give you a place to fold and set your laundry until you are ready to take it to the room it belongs in. If you do not have room for a full-size table, you may want to consider a small shelf along the wall.

4.     Install Open Shelves: Open shelves make it easier to grab much needed items on laundry day, plus you will be able to see what you have on hand with a quick look. These shelves can go above your washing machine and dryer, or you can place some open shelves under a window.

5.     Install a Deep Sink: Removing stains and everything else your family has on their clothes can be a full-time job, which is why we recommend installing a sink in your laundry room. This sink should be deep, so you can soak items prior to washing them.

6.     Create an Ironing Center: You may be able to keep up with your ironing if you create an ironing center right in your laundry room. Instead of letting it all pile up on the back of a chair, you can flip your ironing board down and press the items that need to be done as soon as they come out of the dryer.

These tips might not make laundry day any more enjoyable in your house, but they should make it a little easier and more organized. So, make some changes, see how wonderful the space works, and then teach someone else to do the laundry!

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