5 Signs You Need to Update Your Bathroom Now Instead of Later



You can make do in a bathroom that is a little short of being perfect, but at the same time, there are certain problems that you should update sooner rather than later. After all, you spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom each day, so you might as well love it as much as you can, right?

Here are 5 signs you need to update your bathroom now instead of later:

1.     It smells like a bathroom: There are many reasons why your bathroom will smell like, well, a bathroom. However, the most likely culprits include a sink leak, a faulty wax ring under the toilet, or not enough ventilation. Once you fix those items, you will have a bathroom that smells much more pleasant.

2.     Bad layout: When a bathroom has a bad layout, there is nothing that you can do to love the space until you remedy this issue. Your contractor can help you change the layout of your bathroom, so it meets your current needs better. This may mean moving the toilet to a more private spot or simply rearranging things so that the flow is better.

3.     Leaking fixtures: Any time you find brown water spots on the ceiling below your bathroom, you will know that you have a leak somewhere. If you do not repair this leak, you may end up with a crumbling ceiling. We recommend changing all your fixtures as you are fixing this leak, as it is the best time to make a few small updates.

4.     Bad lighting: There is no reason why you need to deal with only one light in your bathroom and if you still only have one light, it is time to add a few more. We recommend placing a couple of lights near your vanity, one over your shower and tub, and a few others that can be dimmed around the room.

5.     Minimal storage: Storage is always an issue in the bathroom, but if you have no place to put anything and items are piling up on your sink and the floor, you need to do something now. We recommend adding built-in storage spaces or bringing in items like an old dresser or armoire to serve as storage.

You can put off a complete remodel of your bathroom for as long as you want, but these five things will need to be taken care of sooner rather than later. After all, we know that you do not want to spend time in a smelly bathroom that has no storage and limited lighting for too long. Contact us at 508-477-9003 if you’re considering remodeling your bathroom this year.