Decorate Your Small Bathroom Easily and Make it Look Larger with These 6 Tips


Most homeowners have a tendency to neglect decorating their bathrooms, simply because they do not have the patience to figure out what they should do in there. If you have been struggling with decorating your small bathroom, we want to share a few simple things that you can do in this space to make it more beautiful and even larger than ever.

Here are 6 tips that will help you decorate your small bathroom easily and make it look larger:

1.     Declutter


The first thing that you should do in any space is remove all the clutter. The reason for this is that you will then know exactly what you are working with in this room. Plus, your bathroom will instantly look bigger!


2.     Bring in Light


Bathrooms can seem dark, especially if it has been painted a dark color and offers little lighting. We recommend that you paint the walls a light color and install a lighter colored floor as well. The light that comes into this room will then bounce off the walls and floor, making this space look lighter and brighter.


3.     Bring in Natural Light


Even the smallest window can light up a bathroom, as long as you have the right curtains in place. We recommend translucent curtains, as the light will flow right through them while keeping those prying eyes out.


4.     Add Lighting Fixtures


Most bathrooms do not get enough natural light, which is why we always recommend adding light fixtures too. We recommend adding task lighting over your shower and sink, while also considering lights to add height and depth to your vanity area.


5.     Add Mirrors


If you really want your space to look open and bright, we recommend installing mirrors. The light will instantly reflect off the mirrors, creating a large open bathroom.


6.     Think Smaller


The items that you choose to decorate with in your small bathroom should be smaller, so that they do not overwhelm this room. Consider smaller fixtures, so that you do not have those items taking up considerable space. The only time that we think that going big is good is when we are hanging one piece of art on the walls. This piece can become a focal point in your bathroom and will instantly make the room look bigger than it is.


These six tips will have your bathroom looking larger and more beautiful than ever before. And it will just be the start of everything that you will eventually do in this room to turn it into the bathroom of your dreams.