3toFive Newsletter July 2017


1. For Your Home: Drawer Essentials.

A client on a recent project wanted to step up her organization of her kitchen drawers beyond what most cabinet companies offer and so after searching on Google, I found a company called Drawer Essentials www.draweressentials.com Located in Longmont Colorado, they make customized and sized to fit perfect dividers and organizers for your kitchen drawers. I purchased a set of organizers for my client and they arrived impressively quickly and we were delighted with the fit and quality. They slipped right into the drawers ready to be used.

2. Foodie Alert:  KAROO

It’s pretty neat when we travel to the Outer Cape and discover unexpected foodie delights! One of which is Karoo located right on Route 6 in Eastham. www. karoorestaurants.com/  Here you can find Monkey Ribs(Fabulous!) and Bunny Chow (Sweet!) on the menu of this South African restaurant. Which is also a favorite of my food fussy teen. Oftentimes we have come late afternoon in the summer and the sun light and atmosphere radiates in a cool way that I’ve not seen in any other restaurant.  If you partial to spices and chutneys, this is the place to go!

3. Home Tip: Mulch

If you have mulch around the foundation of your home, be sure to keep it at least 4”-6” below any kind of wood or siding material.  I see every year, mulch piled up close or even higher than the bottom of the siding. This can trap moisture and invite insects and rot to start chewing on any wood that is covered by the mulch.  And if left too long, you can put the structure of your home at risk.

4. Cape Cod Fun!

During our Summer Staycation here on Cape Cod, we are planning to visit Heritage Gardens in Sandwich as we do every year for the museum and garden delights. We also plan to tackle the Adventure Ropes and Zip Lines at Heritage Gardens. I’ll let you know how it goes in next month’s 3toFive!

5. Did You Know?

Next time you are in your car, take a look at your gas gauge. Do you see the arrow? This indicates which side your gas filler is located.  Very helpful when you are using a rental or borrowed car or in those distracted moments!

Enjoy the rest of your Cape Cod Summer!