10 Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom for Efficiency, Space, and Comfort

The average person can spend as much as two hours a day in the bathroom. This includes activities such as showering, bathing, makeup application, and hairstyling. The time spent in the bathroom increases for parents who have small children or are caregivers for an adult who needs assistance in the bathroom. This is one room that should never be overlooked when it’s time to remodel your home. Here are 10 tips for remodeling the bathroom to increase efficiency, improve the space available, and increase the comfort level for everyone who visits the room.

1.     The Door: Let’s start with the door. Inward swinging doors require space that can be allocated to other things. This may not seem like much of an upgrade, but once you start looking at the stylish and fashionable pocket doors available, you may change your mind.

2.     Heated Flooring: Radiant heat flooring is an absolute must in the Cape Cod area. Tile bathroom flooring gets very cold during the winter; avoid using rugs that can be tripping hazards and install radiant heat under the flooring instead.

3.     Venting: Air flow is extremely important in the bathroom. No one likes the idea of leaving odors in the bathroom, and proper venting helps fight mold and mildew as well.

4.     New Toilet: Toilets have come a long way in previous years. We now have the ability to install comfort height toilets, dual flush toilets, and touchless toilets, just to name a few.

5.     Bidet: The bidet is very common in many European countries, but rare in the United States by comparison. They’re an excellent addition for hygienic purposes.

6.     Tall Vanity: A tall vanity prevents the need to stoop over the sink when washing hands or brushing teeth. Taller vanities also increase the amount of vertical storage space available below the sink.

7.     Creative Storage Options: Recessed mirrored shelving is a nice, space-saving way to store many items. Small cabinets and shelves may be installed as functional yet decorative pieces, and if you’re really crunched for space, consider shortening the length of the shower stall to create more storage. Remember to always pay attention to the amount of vertical space available for storage as well.

8.     Amazing Shower: A single shower base is much easier to install, easier to clean, and leak-proof. It’s the route we always recommend, even for otherwise-tiled shower stalls. Install showerheads that include many options such as massage and rainfall. Consider the convenience of a handheld showerhead as well, because they’re so convenient for cleaning and bathing pets. The steam shower is also a very good addition to the bathroom.

9.     Freestanding Tub: A freestanding tub is a wonderful, elegant addition to a large bathroom.

10.  Grab Bars: Don’t roll your eyes just yet; grab bars don’t have to give your bathroom a public restroom or hospital restroom look or feel. Today’s options for grab bars are nice and decorative. Many even look like branches or intricate artwork.

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