Trend in Cape Cod Bathroom Remodels: Open Storage

Open Storage in Cape Cod Bathroom RemodelsSmall bathrooms are not an uncommon occurrence in older Cape Cod homes and cottages.  And the trend to open shelving in a bathroom, if done right, can make those small Cape baths look more spacious.  But bathrooms often have a lot of clutter; think cotton balls, towels, lotions, makeup, medicine, how do you contain all that so your bathroom actually functions well?

Use containers!  Traditional baskets work well for open shelving, they contain your clutter and look great in a Cape Cod style bathroom.   Wire baskets have that old time charm that many Cape Codders love and come in a variety of sizes.  See these for sale on Etsy:

Bath towels can be rolled spa style or learn how to fold towels in various ways so they take up less space.

Many Cape Cod bathroom remodels are now using the open shelf concept for some storage.  It really adds to a spacious feel and allows you to add tons of Cape Cod charm to your bath.

Check out these links for some open shelving ideas: