Whole House Makeovers - Transforming Houses Into Homes

Whole House Makeovers in Cape Cod MAWith the real estate market here on Cape Cod improving for the 13th straight month, home sales have taken quite a jump. As a result, we're seeing more requests for whole house makeovers where we remodel, update and fix just about every part of a home prior to the homeowners moving in. A whole house makeover involves restoring part or all of house to a like new condition. Often times much of the work will involve making changes requested by the new homeowners wanting make the house a home with changes that reflect their personal style.

As I write this post, we have a condo makeover underway in Maushop village which is located in New Seabury MA. This makeover has us doing the following:

1. Remodel main bathroom which includes removing the outdated tub and installing a cast iron shower base with tile surround. Replacing all of the drywall on the walls and ceiling. Installing all new fixtures and fittings as well as new floor tile.

2. Removal of wall paper throughout and repainting the walls, ceiling and woodwork. A fairly involved process as the wall paper was installed over walls that were not properly finished smooth and are in rough shape.

3. Complete remodel of kitchen which includes adding more cabinets, granite counters and a tile backsplash with cool glass accents. Convert electric stove to gas.

4. Update 1/2 bath with new fixtures, fittings and new flooring.

5. Correct and update electrical wiring. Add outside water spigots. Insulate exposed heat pipes. Build and install rain baffles over vents in attic. Add and update lighting throughout. Install new venting and ceiling fans.

6. Refinish floors and stairs.

Once completed, the entire inside of this Maushop condo will be all new and ready for the homeowners to use as their home away from home on Cape Cod!

Another example of a whole house makeover that we are scheduled to start this winter, is located in nearby Waquoit, a village within the town of Falmouth.  This project is much like the Condo makeover above except on a much larger scale.

The following is planned for this project.

1. Installing wide pine floors in the rooms that currently have carpeting.

2. Replacing windows and doors that are due for replacement.

3. Fabricating and installing built-in shelving throughout the house for the homeowners large collection of books.

4. Replacing all of the interior doors, jambs and casings. Replacing woodwork that was poorly installed.

5. Complete remodel and expansion of the kitchen.

6. Full remodel of the master bath.

7. Correcting issues in a recently remodeled (by others) guest bath

8. Painting all walls and ceilings, finish stained woodwork throughout home.

9. Build out home office.

10. Correct multiple issues that were found by home inspection company prior to the sale of the house.

11. Complete interior sanding and finishing of all wood floors.

12. Change out exterior decking and railings.

These kind of makeovers are intensively involved and costs range anywhere from $60,000 to $250,000 Many of these projects are about creating "Forever Homes" that the homeowners are planning to enjoy for the balance of their lives.

Whole house makeovers are one of our favorite projects as we can really transform a house into a home!