Remodel This House!

After moving to Mashpee about 8 years ago, my wife Tara and I decided that it is  finely time to make our Cape Cod Saltbox work better for us.  This 28 year old house had been neglected and needed tons of work to make it the way we envisioned. This house at the time of our purchase, was primarily used as a summer home and all the bathrooms and the kitchen were in need of updating. In addition, much of the house reflected the throw it up cheap, as fast as you can, mentally of the booming 80's  Along with remodeling the bathrooms and kitchen, this house is in need of  a new roof, trim work, siding and windows. In essence a whole house make over.

East Way BeforeDuring the spring of 2013, Tara sparked an idea when she mentioned that she would like to have a sun room attached to the back of the house. Her comment started the wheels turning in my head about adding on a larger space.  We had an extended discussion about what we would do with more space. We both agreed that it would be ideal to have a larger kitchen and dining area.  The old kitchen would then become a much needed mud room and the old dining room could be used as a multi-purpose space.

At that point, we were starting to get really excited about the possibilities and I was ready to roll.  But first we needed to figure out what made sense to remodel and how much it would cost. Well, it shouldn't be too bad...Right? As I was doing most of the work with the Tara helping as needed...

Much to my dismay, there were many surprises ahead, some of which I will share in my next installment of REMODEL THIS HOUSE!