Use Black Subway Tile to Add Interest and Contrast in Your Home

Tile has been used to create visual appeal and focal points in homes for years, and while there are so many options available, many homeowners seem to choose white subway tiles. Well, now, the newest trend seems to be black subway tiles and we love how homeowners like yourself are choosing to place them in almost every room of the house!

Here are 5 ways to use black subway tile to add interest and contrast in your home:

Create an Amazing Shower

Lots of people use tile in their shower, but we recommend that you consider using black subway tile instead of all your other options. When you choose to tile your shower from top to bottom with this tile, you are going to be creating a luxurious look that will instantly be the focal point of your bathroom. 

Install a Black Backsplash

Subway tiles are always the perfect option for backsplashes, but when you choose black, you are making your kitchen look a little more unique. While you can coordinate this color with almost any other, it looks extremely good in an all-white kitchen.

Choose Something Different and Go with Matte

Everyone seems to think of black subway tiles as shiny and smooth, but you can also find them in a matte finish with an uneven texture. These tiles will look fabulous in a bathroom around a vanity and a mirror, plus they will add a different type of visual appeal. 

Create a Fantastic Entryway

There is no steadfast rule that states that entryways need to be boring and full of drywall, which is why we want you to consider upping your game in that space with a little black subway tile. Instead of covering all the walls, we recommend installing these tiles about a third of the way up the wall, so that they reach the level where a chair rail would be placed. You can even mix and match black and white subway tiles on the floor to really improve the look of this space. 

Improve Your Bar Area

Many people choose bricks or paneling for the outside of their bar, but we want you to switch things up a little with black subway tiles. These tiles will match many décor styles, as well as many other colors that you want to use in that area. 

While you are going out and grabbing black subway tiles, we want you to think of where else you can use them in your home. We know that you can find a few other places in addition to the ones above, and you will love the look of every single space afterwards!