Give Your Home an Entirely New Look and Feel with a Whole Home Remodeling Project

Whether you’ve purchased a home you love that needs updates, or have lived in the same home for years and your style has changed, a whole home remodeling project can provide the new look you crave. A whole home remodel can open the floor plan, add new bathrooms or bedrooms, or even add or remove entire walls to change the layout of your home. These types of remodeling projects are exciting, but can also be overwhelming, especially if you’re living in the home during the renovation.

Getting Started

The first step to a successful whole home remodel is to set realistic expectations. Remodeling a whole house takes time, and it’s important to set a timeline that takes all the work into consideration. The very first thing you will need to do is make notes on the problems or dislikes you have with your home so that we know where to begin.

Discuss Your Ideas with @Design Remodel

You can easily talk to us about different aspects of the remodel and which subcontractors will be needed. We will be responsible for hiring on these subcontractors for things like HVAC, carpentry, electrical and plumbing needs unless you know tradesmen you prefer to work with and trust. We will negotiate and work with different tradesmen if you so choose.

Hazardous Materials

At the beginning of your project be sure to check into local code and permitting requirements, or trust us to take care of that bit for you. If you’re remodeling an older house built before 1980, be aware of concerns of lead, asbestos, and other toxic materials. We will work safely and diligently to make sure that these items will be handled with care to keep you and our workers safe.

Will You Live at Home?

One of the biggest decisions when planning a whole home remodel is whether you’ll want to or be able to live in your house during the project. Some people consider other short term rentals or staying with friends or family during their remodel to make things easier. If you will be living at home, make sure to plan for things like power and water shut-offs that may be necessary during construction.

@Design Remodel specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, but we also enjoy whole home remodeling projects and other projects as well. Give us a call at 508-477-9003 if you are in the Cape Cod area and would like to schedule an appointment for a design consultation for your upcoming remodeling project.