Amazing Bathroom Trends that You are Sure to Love

Bathrooms are moving away from being purely utilitarian spaces. This has opened them up to designers who want to create areas that are not only functional but also attractive. 

Smart Bathrooms

Like everything else in life, bathrooms are now wired. This means that you can have audio to make it possible to relax and enjoy surround sound music. On a more practical level consider installing a smart toilet that does not require you to manually flush when you are done using it. You can also have a toilet seat warmer making it comfortable to sit even if the room is cold.

Touchless faucets are perfect for people who are germaphobic and persons who have difficulty turning knobs. These types use sensors to turn on and off when hands are placed underneath. These faucets also use less water resulting in savings in water bills.

Free Standing Bathtubs

These tubs make a statement without even trying. They come in varying sizes, shapes and colors making it possible to find the ideal one based on individual tastes. These types of tubs help to give a bathroom a roomy and airy feel. Placing these baths in an area where there is a view serves a dual purpose that is both aesthetic and functional. For added effect, place this tub on a raised wooden or tiled base.

Wall Tiles

The colors and designs now available mean that your ideas are limited only by cost and your taste. Subway tiles are especially popular in the bathroom and have been for ages. You can use mosaic tiles or graphic tiles to create a particular look. You can also use tiles to create a focal point in your bathroom.

Statement Floor Tiles

This trend started in 2014 and still remains strong. You can find tiles with intricate designs that will work with your home’s décor. Even small bathrooms will benefit from using statement floor tiles.  Whether you go with faux material, or checkered design you will definitely make a statement with these on your floor.

Heated Floors

You will love the feel of heated flooring under your feet after coming out of the shower. This type of feature is no longer just for the rich, as costs are going down. Heated flooring also save energy costs as there is no need to keep the heating up during winter in an effort to avoid cold bathroom floors.

Use some of these ideas to help you design a bathroom that you will love. Talk to our designer to discuss your ideas for your bathroom. Together you will create one that you can be proud of. Give us a call at 508-477-9003 to schedule an appointment for a consultation to remodel your bathroom in Mashpee or the Cape Cod area.