8 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Whole House Remodeling Project

Even before you start working on your whole house renovation; it is a good idea to know what kinds of problems can occur. To avoid mistakes, you need to be aware of the following:

1.     Contractual Agreement: Before even starting the actual planning, you need to prepare for the planned renovation. Discuss with your contractor your expectations and ensure that you have a contract highlighting exactly what you want and what the contractor should deliver.  This is one way to help prevent any major cost overruns and delays.

2.     Ignoring seemingly minor problems: No matter how trivial a problem that is found during renovation is, never ignore it. If there is a small crack in a wall, fix it. If you find a design element is not quite to your liking, discuss it with your designer and have it changed.

3.     The quality of material: Using poor quality material is one of major mistakes of home renovation. In an effort to control or cut costs, some contractors or even homeowners may mistakenly choose to buy poor quality material because of lower prices. However, this will be more costly as in time; fixtures and installations will need to be changed a lot quicker than normal. It is important to do some research before buying material.

4.     Shortchanging the preparatory work: While it may be tedious, preparatory work before any renovation project is important. Failing to properly prepare can cause delays. In some cases, having to make changes due to poor preparation can be expensive.

5.     Use of unlicensed tradesmen: A whole house renovation is no simple job. Based on this fact, it is important that only professional workmen who know what they are doing be employed.

6.     Trying to do too much yourself: You may want to do some of your work yourself, but this may not be a great idea. Major installations are best left to the experts.

7.     Not having a budget: A budget is a good way to control the expenditure on your whole house renovation. This is a good way to determine what you can afford or not afford. A budget will make it possible for you to know if you can make adjustments without busting your budget.

8.     Preordering Furniture and Equipment: Ordering furniture and equipment before the work is completed can be a big mistake. This can result in items that do not fit the space once the renovation is completed.

Careful planning is necessary for any successful whole house renovation project. You should prepare yourself and your family for the resulting disruption. In some cases it may be a good idea to vacate the house until the renovation is completed. Give us a call at 508-477-9003 to schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss your upcoming whole house remodeling project. We will help you set up a game plan that will not fail.