Amazing Bathroom Trends Are in Store for Remodeling Your Bathroom in 2019!


These days, most homeowners are not content with basic bathroom functionality. In many cases, nothing less than a mini-spa or fixtures the latest features will do. Trends that will be in demand in 2019 have already begun to emerge. Keep these in mind as you start to make bathroom remodeling plans for the New Year.

  1. Colors. Playing it safe with neutrals has become routine for bathroom remodeling projects. Homeowners have begun to make bolder color choices and this is expected to increasing next year. Darker tones seem to be taking over from neutrals and lighter shades. Grays will gain a higher profile when used with deep greens and blues.

  2. Heated floors. Adding more comfort features will be big in 2019. One that is expected to see higher demand is heated flooring. Radiant heating technology can be used with a various floor materials such as wood, vinyl and tile. In addition to a warm floor, these installations also offer noise reduction.

  3. Natural materials. Natural materials add warmth to a bathroom, and give the homeowner more flexibility in design choices. Even if they are more expensive, materials like stone and wood offer good return on investment. Natural materials can help to provide the spa like feel many people want in their bathrooms. They also give the space a more polished look that can outlast changing trends.

  4. Energy efficiency. As more homeowners try to lower their expenses. Energy efficiency and conservation will have more prominence in bathroom remodeling projects. Dual-flush and low flush toilets will decrease water usage, and there are showerheads that also use less water. LED light bulbs should be used, especially in bathrooms with more than one light source. 

  5. Luxury fixtures. While chrome will still be widely used, brass, matte and gold tone finishes will be dominant in new bathroom remodeling projects. These fixtures will add a touch of luxury to any bathroom, instantly elevating the look of the space. These finishes are also available for knobs and pulls for vanities and cabinets.

  6. Tech infusions. Finding ways to incorporate new technology into these products will be high on the list for many. Many modern toilets have features like automatic flushing, night lights, heated seats and self cleaning. Touch screen entertainment systems help to set the ambience, especially for spa-like settings. 

These ideas will help guide you as we work with you to update your bathroom in 2019. You can also talk to us to learn more about the latest trends in bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, or even whole home remodeling.