5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Whole Home Remodeling Project

Planning a whole home remodeling project and can be a daunting task depending on the work being done. However, there are many things that you can do in order to prevent it from being a disaster a few months or even years from now. Here are 5 tips for making the most of your whole home remodel:

Look Ahead

The most important thing that you need to do when you are planning a whole home remodel is to look ahead to the future. Everything that is important to you now may not work ten or fifteen years from now. Here are a few examples:

·       The baby gates that you want permanently attached to your railing will probably not be needed after a few years. In order to remove them, you might need to replace the entire railing.

·       You might think that it is necessary for your children to share a room when they are younger, but it might not be the solution that they want when they are teenagers.

·       The extra expense of building a bathroom for each bedroom will be well worth it when your children are teenagers and even when they’re adults and come back to visit with their own families.

You will want to look into every possible scenario before you make any final decisions regarding remodeling your home.

Electricity and Plumbing Considerations

Additions always mean more electricity, more heating, and if a bathroom is involved, more plumbing and water. It may be necessary to update water lines, water tanks, gas meters, electrical panels, and furnaces. Plan for these changes before the work begins, so that you do not need to redo some of the work later.

Insulation Requirements

Adding the proper insulation can not only help with keeping the room temperature consistent, it can also keep the sound inside the room from traveling to other areas in the house. Sound insulation is especially important in bathrooms and in the basement with all of the pipes and other utilities.

Exterior Considerations

A whole home addition might mean that the siding, windows and doors might need to be replaced on the existing house. You will want to talk with us to see what is in the budget and what definitely needs to be replaced, so that everything matches. We might be able to find a solution that will save you some money.

Remodel in Phases

Sometimes home remodels cannot be done all at once. You might need to do everything in phases because of cost or time constraints. It is important to plan the entire remodel out before you do any of the work though. You should know what you want the final product to look like at the end.

For example, if you know that you will eventually want air conditioning or an additional family room and you are having your electricity worked on now, it is easier to have the electrician add the extra electric panel now instead of having them come back and redo some of the work later. Decisions like these can save you some money in the future too.

Request Advice

Whole home remodels are generally fabulous once they are completed, but the time that it takes can seem endless. If you use the above tips as you are preparing for the project, you will find that you will be able to feel more successful at the end when everything is finished. Give us a call here at @Design Remodel at 508-477-9003 if you’re in the Cape Cod area and would like to start planning your whole house remodeling project for 2017. It’s never too early to get started planning!