At @designREMODEL, we provide residential remodeling and design services for homeowners and home buyers in the Yarmouth, MA area:

Designing and Remodeling Your Home in Yarmouth

Whether you are in West Yarmouth, Yarmouth Port, or South Yarmouth, if you call the area home, you are very lucky! The rich history and beautiful coastlines of the area provide the perfect setting for your dream home or vacation home getaway.

Since many homes on Cape Cod are older, a good percentage of homeowners eventually decide to spend some time and money to remodel at least one room in their home. The most popular room that gets remodeled, as you may imagine, is the kitchen, which is followed by the bathroom.

Here at @designREMODEL, we specialize in designing and building custom bathrooms and kitchens for Cape Cod residents.  When the right project presents itself, we also do whole home renovations and major remodels.

Design Showrooms vs. Budget Contractors

We are aware that you have options when considering your next home improvement project. On the one hand, you can go through one of the man home design showrooms on the Cape, and on the other hand, you can purchase a kitchen or a bathroom from a big box store for a set low price.

When you have your kitchen designed and installed by a showroom, it's not abnormal to expect to pay $60,000 - $120,000 for the entire project. On the other extreme, we've all seen the advertisements for big box kitchens and low-priced contractors starting at $9,999.

Showrooms are somewhat famous for over-charging. After all, they need to make tidy profits on the products they sell so they can pay for the fancy showrooms. Thus, homeowners can typically save thousands just by going with a reputable design build firm rather than a kitchen or bath showroom in Yarmouth.

The $9,999 kitchens can also be deceiving because, while the base price is attractive, homeowners are generally not aware that this price does not include everything, such as installation, plumbing, electrical work, and other trades. Additionally, the homeowner is left to manage the project and arrange for permits and surveys himself, which can add time and frustration to the project.

What You Get When You Work with @designREMODEL

When you work with @designREMODEL, not only are you getting high quality products and workmanship, but you're getting a Remodeling Done Right Guarantee, which means that we finish our project on time and exactly as quoted, every time.

Additionally, we have a team of project designers who provide you with 3D color mockups of your project before we begin construction. Clients appreciate this opportunity to visualize their project and customize it to suit their needs and their tastes.

This approach to bathroom and kitchen design in Yarmouth is fun for homeowners, as they get to be involved in the process and they get to create a truly unique project that no one else has.

The best part is that our price point for Yarmouth kitchen design and remodeling usually falls between $26,000 - $42,000, which is significantly less than kitchens sold in showrooms and includes everything, unlike the budget kitchen contractors or big box offerings.

Whether you have recently purchased a house or you are looking to improve where you are already living, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our design build services and how we can design and build you the project of your dreams.