Take Your Time When Choosing the Best Materials for Your Bathroom Remodel

Choosing materials for a bathroom remodel can be a major pain, especially if you have no idea how you want the space to look afterwards! There are so many options to choose from and one wrong decision can leave you hating your new bathroom for years!

Here are 4 tips for choosing the best materials for your bathroom remodel

Gather a Little Inspiration

We recommend that you start this process by doing a little research to see what captures your attention the most. Pinterest is a great place to start, as you can pin what you like and pull it up later on. This is a great way to see what type of shower you like, what vanity you fall in love with, and even find the perfect lighting fixture for this room. 

Create a Plan

Once you have narrowed down all your options and found exactly what you want, it is time to make a plan. While you may think that you can choose just one option for everything, we urge you to have a backup plan just in case something you love is out of your budget or no longer available. 

Create a Mood Board

After you have all your materials listed, we recommend creating a mood board to see if everything will look as good as you think it will. These boards can be created online, or you can do it the old-fashioned way with poster board and a little tape or glue. 

Look for and Purchase Your Materials

Now that you have narrowed down all your options, it is time to go out and find all those materials that you want in your newly remodeled bathroom. You can start in home improvement stores and then search online for those items that you cannot find. Do not forget to check out antique shops for all those vintage items that may be on your list. We do recommend checking with your contractor before purchasing all these materials, in case they have a concern about the installation of some of them. 

This is also where your back up plan may come into play, since you may not be able to find everything on your list. If that happens, you may need to decide whether you want to wait for the item to become available again, if it will, or choose your second favorite option on your list. 

We urge you to take your time with this process, as choosing materials should never be rushed. After all, you want your newly remodeled bathroom to be the one of your dreams, so don’t make sacrifices that you are not sure you want to make before you even start! 

Start the New Year Off Right with These Organizational Tips for Your Bathroom

Don’t you just love walking into your bathroom and having it look like a tornado swept through, tossing everything into one massive heap? Or was that your family?

If you are tired of your bathroom looking that way and not being able to find exactly what you need when you need it, you may be ready for a little organization in the new year. We promise that it will not be that difficult and that you will be more than happy with the results when you are done!

Here are 6 organizational tips for your bathroom to start the new year off right

Go Through Everything and Discard Some of It

You may think that you use everything that has made its way into your bathroom, but when was the last time you really checked? We can guarantee that some of those bottles are empty and a few of those makeup items are past their prime. You may even find a few things that you no longer use, so toss it all and see how much your better your bathroom looks already!

Add Baskets

Baskets can hold a wealth of products and keep it all corralled until you need it. These baskets can be placed in your cabinets, on shelves, on the floor, and you can even hang smaller ones on the wall. The idea with this tip is to group like items together within each basket, so you and everyone else knows where to find things and where to put it all back. 

Add Dividers to Drawers

Drawers in bathrooms can become a jumbled heap after just a day or two of people rummaging around, which is why we recommend adding dividers to each one. This will allow you to separate all your items and you will have an easier time of finding exactly what you are looking for. 

Add Shelves Over Your Toilet

Do not let all that space above your toilet go to waste! We recommend adding some type of shelve above this space to hold items that you need. This is the perfect spot for the baskets that we mentioned above as well. While these shelves will be helpful, we want to urge you to not pack them till they are overflowing, as it won’t make your bathroom look any better than it does now. 

Utilize Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars or other types of jars will work perfectly for all those smaller items in your bathroom. Think of the cotton balls, hair ties, barrettes, Q-tips, and other everyday items you use. 

Add a Hair Station

All those hair styling tools take up a lot of space, but you can corral it all inside one of the numerous hair stations that are available. These organizers can also hold hair styling products, brushes, combs, and even hair ties and clips. 

These six tips should help you get started on organizing your bathroom in the new year! You may need to implement a few other options to make this space work best for you and your family, but that should be easy if you take a step back and look around the space as you continue to rearrange. 

Start Planning Your 2019 Whole Home Remodeling Project Now

If you have spent months or years complaining about how little room you have in your house or how outdated it is, 2019 might be the time that you finally start on that whole home remodeling project! There are so many things that you can do to your existing home, which means that you can finally have your dream home without needing to leave the neighborhood that you have fallen in love with!

Here are 5 steps to start planning your 2019 whole home remodeling project now:

Determine Your Vision

Yes, it is nice to say that you want to make changes around your house, but you need to know exactly what changes you want and what the finished project will look like before you begin. We recommend sitting down and coming up with a list of things that you want and need in your newly remodeled home, as it will give you a starting point to work from. 

Create a Budget

Now that you have a vision, it is time to create a budget that you can work with. The budget you have may not cover everything on your list, but it will allow you to see exactly what you can and cannot have. Make sure that you place between ten and twenty percent of this budget aside for any unknown issues that may arise during the project. 

Hire a Contractor

Hiring a contractor is much more difficult than doing a Google search and picking the first name that you see. You will want to interview a few contractors to see which one will fulfill your needs the best. 

Determine Your Style and Design

We recommend choosing a style and design that you will want to live with for another ten or twenty years, as well as one that will resell easily in the future, as it will give you more bang for your buck. The style that you choose should be incorporated throughout your entire home, so make sure that it is something that you love. 

Look Towards the Future

As you are going through these steps, you may find that your budget simply isn’t going to cover everything that you want in your newly remodeled home. While you could let that deter you from getting started, we have another option. We recommend that you begin the project and fulfill as many items on your wish list as you can. Plan ahead while you are doing this, so that you have any duct work, electrical lines, or plumbing in place for the future when you are ready to finish the work that you couldn’t complete now. 

These five steps will get you completely prepared for your whole home remodel in 2019, which means you will be ready to hit the ground running when it is time to start the work. 

Kitchen Remodeling: Choosing Materials and Finishing Touches Wisely

Are you aware that the cost of the materials that you choose for your kitchen remodel is what is going to take up the most of your budget? 

It’s true, which is why we always caution our clients to choose their materials and finishing touches carefully, especially if they are working on a tighter budget to begin with. 

Here are the items that we have found need to be chosen carefully during your kitchen remodel:


The countertops in your newly remodeled kitchen is one of the biggest tickets items you will have. In fact, it can be super easy to use more than half of your budget on just this one item! There are multiple materials available and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. We suggest sitting down to weigh the pros and cons of each one before making a decision, as you may find that one of the cheaper options will benefit you more than the higher priced ones. 


The lighting in your newly remodeled kitchen is very important, yet most homeowners like yourself are more than willing to forgo some of these finishing touches. Whether it is an oversight on their part or simple denial, the truth is that you need numerous lights within this space in order to see what you are doing. We recommend installing different lighting fixtures throughout the kitchen and having each one meet the requirements of the space that you are putting it in. 


The windows in your kitchen will bring lots of natural light into this room, which is why we often do not recommend skimping on this feature. However, this may not be the best space for a massive bay window or other custom window sizes. 


New cabinets can cost a small fortune, especially if you have them custom made for your space. That is why we recommend refinishing the cabinets that you have if they are in good shape or ordering stock cabinets whenever possible. 


The floor in your kitchen will not take up a huge amount of your budget, but it can add to the costs depending on what material you use. Laminate flooring can be purchased for a lot less than real wood floors, which means you can save a significant amount of money right there. 

We recommend that you work closely with your contractor to choose materials and finishing touches that will last a long time without breaking your budget at the same time. Contractors are a wealth of information when it comes to these items and they know which ones are often better than some of the others. 

The Holidays are Quickly Approaching You Still Have Time for One of these Renovation Projects


Having a home improvement checklist does not mean that you will get around to these tasks before the end of the year. As the holidays draw near, you might realize that you still have a few things to get done. Here are some good ideas you can use to get your home ready for the festive season. 

  1. Refinish kitchen cabinets. Instead of dealing with the lengthy, and possibly costly process of replacing cabinets, choose refinishing. After sanding and repainting, it will look like you put in brand new cabinets. Complete the look with new, stylish hardware.

  2. Decorate the breakfast nook. Make the breakfast nook stand out with some simple decorating choices. Look for ways to add color, such as a tablecloth, or drapes. A flowering plant is another good addition to this area. 

  3. Beautify the entryway. Improving the look of the entryway can be done quickly and with very little spending. Get an umbrella stand, and consider a fresh coat of paint. A plant and a piece of art can make a big difference to the look of the entryway. 

  4. Change the backsplash. A new backsplash can bright then entire kitchen, making it seem like you did a major remodel. Consider the wide range of material options which include wood, metals and marble, just to name a few. 

  5. Install new sinks and faucets. Give the kitchen or bathroom a mini facelift simply by putting in a new sink and faucet. The attractive designs and finishes are sure to enhance the look and add a modern touch. 

  6. New kitchen countertop. As the central design and functional element of the kitchen, the countertop has a big impact on overall style. Granite is still at the top of the list for many homeowners, but cheaper options like quartz, concrete and crushed glass are becoming more popular. Consider factors like long term durability and the kitchen’s color scheme when making the selection. 

  7. Increase storage. Finding ways to get rid of clutter will help to get your home ready to receive guests for the holidays. A small pantry or buffet can increase storage options in the kitchen. For other parts of the home double duty furniture should be help with any storage problems you have. 

One or more of these improvements should be on your checklist. If you are able to complete some of these tasks now, there will be less work to do in the coming year. 

Start off the New Year Right by Remodeling the Shower in Your Master Bath


A tub and shower combo can give away the age of some bathrooms. Recent bathroom trends have seen less demand for standard bathtubs. Elegant showers with modern features are not only more attractive, they are also safer to use in many instances. If you realize that it is time to get rid of your old bathtub, here are some inspirational ideas that will help to make a grand statement. 

Removing the Bathtub

The first step will be to take out the old bathtub. This process calls for a number of tools, so it is best to have a professional take care of it. If you want to take care of this, the items you will need include:

  • Screwdrivers

  • Socket wrench

  • Pry bar

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Gloves

  • Hammer

  • Pliers

Turn of the water supply before beginning the work. The drain and overflow should be removed first. The removal of the spout may require a bit of cutting away of the wall, while some types can simply be twisted off. A lubricant may be necessary to loosen joints, especially for an old tub. The manner of disposal will depend on the type of material the tub is made from. Steel tubs coated with porcelain should be thrown out whole, while fiberglass or cast iron tubs should be broken up first. 

The Shower Remodel

Before the work starts, you should know exactly what type of shower you want to build. The shower should not look out of place in the bathroom, so be guided by the overall style. Some owners prefer to buy complete shower kits as they come ready for installation. Many others prefer to have more control over the look of the shower. Options and factors you should consider include:

  • Enclosures – These vary in style, and you can build your own enclosure and order custom doors to fit. Other options for enclosures include seating, cubbies and shelves The doors can slide or open outward. 

  • The type of doors – Whether you choose sliding or swinging doors, they can be either framed or frameless. The disadvantage with swinging doors is that they take up space when opened, plus they can cause water to drip onto the floor.

  • Walk-in shower – These are distinctive for their lack of a curb wall, giving them a larger appearance, and they can make the bathroom seem larger as well. They can have glass doors or curtains, and they are easier to clean. The design makes wheelchair accessibility possible. 

  • The showerhead – When designing a shower, the type of showerhead must be considered. A showerhead can be ceiling or wall mounted. Showerheads with different settings are available, which helps give a spa like experience. Fixed showerheads are still widely used, but you may enjoy having the option of a hand-held feature. 

With custom enclosures you can choose the embellishments that will add to the décor of your bathroom. Be mindful of the space you have, and if necessary, opt for a smaller shower to make the bathroom roomier. 

Renovation Ideas for Your Home Prior to the Holiday Season


Most people make plans to get a few home renovations done early, but when the holidays roll around, they realize that they are out of time. Fortunately, there are many great ideas at your disposal if you want to quickly get your home ready for guests. 

Update the Kitchen

You will need the kitchen to be in great shape to get ready for the increased activity that comes with the holidays. How much you are able to do will depend on your budget, the time available, and getting the right contractor. Simple, DIY jobs may work for some kitchens, but a new countertop, or sink faucet installation are usually best left to professionals. You can refinish cabinets for a fraction of the cost of new ones. A quick update that can work in any kitchen is buying new appliances. This will also have the long term effect of lowering your energy costs. 

Refresh the Bathroom

Guest bathrooms usually do not require the budgets of master bathrooms, so updating yours should not be much of a challenge. The replacement of fixtures is relatively inexpensive, and is a good option when you have little time. Putting in a new toilet is another quick bathroom update, and this comes with a few advantages. There are low flush models that lower water usage, and many of these products have comfort features such as seat warming. Given the size, changing the floor tiles should not take long either, and it will give the bathroom a new look.

Prepare the Deck

Clean and prepare the deck to make it inviting for visitors. This may be a good time to sand and refinish the wood to revitalize an old deck. In areas that get snow every year, decks will need some extra preparation. Carry out a thorough check for cracks and splits or signs of rot. Look for loose screws and shaky handrails. If possible, carry out repairs before it starts to snow. 

A new entry door is a good idea if the one you have now is showing its age. Clear clutter from the entryway and add some decorations. If you have a designated entertainment area, a few updates to brighten this space is a good idea. These ideas will work for budgets of varying sizes, and there are many tasks you can do on your own to renovate the home for the holiday season. 

Pressed for Time this Holiday Season? These Quick and Easy Projects Will Help You Spruce Up Your Home


If you didn’t get around to the grand remodeling plans you dreamed about early in the year, you can still get a lot done before the holidays start. Many quick remodeling projects can give your home a new look that will impress your guests. Some of these projects will create a more comfortable setting for visitors as well. 

  • Update living spaces. Creating an extra living space can be challenging and time consuming. However it is possible to make a few tweaks that can provide a comfortable spot for guests. An unused corner can be a reading nook or play area for children. Put a fold out be in an unused corner so guests will have a comfortable place to sleep. 

  • Beautify the fireplace. Fireplaces will get a lot of attention during the holidays, so make sure that yours is looking its best. Painting over old brick can quickly rejuvenate the fireplace, but there are more complex changes that you can accomplish quickly. A professional can apply a new brick façade just in time for the holidays. 

  • Quick kitchen updates. Since you can’t do a lot of work in the kitchen, work on smaller improvements that will get attention. The knobs and pulls on cabinets and drawers can be changed quickly. You can also repaint the cabinets to make them look like new. A new kitchen backsplash can have a dramatic impact on the countertop space and the kitchen as a whole. 

  • Create extra storage. Additional storage options help with staying organized and opening up more floor space. You don’t need to spend on new cabinets to get toys and books out of the way. A few shelves can help to quickly transform the look of any room. You can also add an ottoman or two for quick access to books, DVDs  and board games. 

  • Repaint the home. Choosing new colors for the home is not easy, but it can have the effect of looking like a major remodel. Pay attention to the look of the furniture and floor to select complementary tones. Make use of accent colors and be sure to choose light, cheerful tones for living spaces. 

Other tips worth considering include a programmable thermostat and new appliances in the kitchen. An assessment of your home’s current needs will help in devising a home remodeling checklist for next year. 

Get Your Kitchen Holiday Ready with These 5 Helpful Tips


One part of the home that gets busier during the holidays is the kitchen. This spot is command central for most holiday themed activities. This means you can expect to spend more time cooking, there will be more people in this space than you are used to having. With this in mind, you will want to create the ideal setting to make meal planning easier, and to impress your guests. You may not have a lot of time, but these tips will help you to make some quick and effective improvements.

  1. Get rid of the cabinet doors. Ditching the cabinet doors in favor of open shelving can give the kitchen a whole new look. For one thing, it can make the space seem larger. For those busy meal prep sessions, constantly opening and closing cabinet doors can be a hassle, so open shelving can increase efficiency. Another advantage is that it allows you to put your attractive cookware on display.

  2. Get organized. Kitchen clutter can minimize any amount of effort to make the space more attractive. It will also make it more difficult to get your work done as you try to entertain guests. Start by clearing the countertop to create an efficient workspace. Find a suitable storage area for small appliances and use a rack for small items you usually keep on the countertop.

  3. Beautify the space. Splashes of color in the right places may be all your kitchen needs for a visual boost. A few pieces of artwork will be attention getters. A rug can also be the ideal complement to the kitchens them, and add a festive element. Be sure to use a non-stick mat to keep the rug in place and to prevent tripping. 

  4. Build a pantry. This may seem like a major task, but a small pantry can be built fairly easily and quickly. This will not only serve to store the increased rage of food items you will buy, it will also keep them safe from curious children. 

  5. New appliances. Buying new appliances can help to streamline your kitchen activities. A larger fridge may be necessary since there will be extra food. 

Changing the light fixtures is another step worth exploring if you want to make your kitchen ready for the holidays. Make sure you have a budget in place to help in making the right plans. 

Amazing Bathroom Trends Are in Store for Remodeling Your Bathroom in 2019!


These days, most homeowners are not content with basic bathroom functionality. In many cases, nothing less than a mini-spa or fixtures the latest features will do. Trends that will be in demand in 2019 have already begun to emerge. Keep these in mind as you start to make bathroom remodeling plans for the New Year.

  1. Colors. Playing it safe with neutrals has become routine for bathroom remodeling projects. Homeowners have begun to make bolder color choices and this is expected to increasing next year. Darker tones seem to be taking over from neutrals and lighter shades. Grays will gain a higher profile when used with deep greens and blues.

  2. Heated floors. Adding more comfort features will be big in 2019. One that is expected to see higher demand is heated flooring. Radiant heating technology can be used with a various floor materials such as wood, vinyl and tile. In addition to a warm floor, these installations also offer noise reduction.

  3. Natural materials. Natural materials add warmth to a bathroom, and give the homeowner more flexibility in design choices. Even if they are more expensive, materials like stone and wood offer good return on investment. Natural materials can help to provide the spa like feel many people want in their bathrooms. They also give the space a more polished look that can outlast changing trends.

  4. Energy efficiency. As more homeowners try to lower their expenses. Energy efficiency and conservation will have more prominence in bathroom remodeling projects. Dual-flush and low flush toilets will decrease water usage, and there are showerheads that also use less water. LED light bulbs should be used, especially in bathrooms with more than one light source. 

  5. Luxury fixtures. While chrome will still be widely used, brass, matte and gold tone finishes will be dominant in new bathroom remodeling projects. These fixtures will add a touch of luxury to any bathroom, instantly elevating the look of the space. These finishes are also available for knobs and pulls for vanities and cabinets.

  6. Tech infusions. Finding ways to incorporate new technology into these products will be high on the list for many. Many modern toilets have features like automatic flushing, night lights, heated seats and self cleaning. Touch screen entertainment systems help to set the ambience, especially for spa-like settings. 

These ideas will help guide you as we work with you to update your bathroom in 2019. You can also talk to us to learn more about the latest trends in bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, or even whole home remodeling.

Take These Kitchen Design Elements into Consideration for Your Kitchen Remodel


The importance of the kitchen means that the design will always be a top priority. This is not just for functionality, but for comfort as well. Designing your kitchen does not need to be difficult, but you can feel overwhelmed by the extensive choices. Here are some interesting elements that are worth your consideration. 

  1. Black and gold combination. Finding the right color combination is always a challenge, so consider this classic blend. It works better in spacious kitchens, but it can be used just as effectively with limited space. Choose a light color for the floor to give the darker tones a lift, and incorporate different textures.

  2. The simplicity of black and white. This is a tried and true color combination that gives any kitchen a clean, functional look. It is particularly effective with an open, airy kitchen with glass panels. Consider glass front cabinets or open shelving to give the space more depth.

  3. Blend chrome with white. This is another strong combination that has unending appeal. It is simple, yet beautiful, and creates the kind of sleek look that you want in a kitchen. Best of all, you can keep this look for years without it seeming dated.

  4. Make use of space. If you have a lot of space, make use of it to create strong visuals. White palettes and sleek lines will instantly grab attention. Use white workspaces and add color sparingly in some areas. A roomy kitchen can also benefit from a chandelier, and use large windows to let in plenty of natural light. 

  5. Add wood. Wood accents can be very effective in a mostly white kitchen. The dark tones complement the whites, adding warmth and a hint of nature to the space. Warm wood tones can come from a variety of accessories as well such as cutting boards and spice racks. 

  6. Tall cabinets for small kitchens. Avoiding confusion and clutter in a small kitchen is important. Use cabinets that go up to the ceiling to make the most of your space and to keep it organized. If there is a kitchen island, it should perform as many functions as possible such as storage and meal prep.

  7. A minimalist approach. Avoid going too deeply into design concepts by choosing simple features to enhance the look of the space. Wood can play a big role in this approach due to its natural warmth and simple beauty. Skip the cabinets in favor of open shelving, and go with simple lines throughout.

  8. Rustic charm. Rely on nature based tones and elements to create visual warmth. Wood and natural stone elements will help to bolster this theme. Keep shelving simple, and use accessories that have earthy tones and based appliances. Avoid elegant or luxurious lighting choices. Simple pendants or a basic chandelier can help to complete the look.

While the kitchen lends itself to creative design choices, do no try to do too much, especially if it is small. Consult a designer for help if you have difficulty coming up with the right theme.

Make Kitchen Remodeling Fun Again with These Great Ideas


As the range of kitchen products has continued to expand, some homeowners have lost sight of the enjoyment of remodeling this space. It is easy to feel overburdened with the different choices and the fact that you have to make these different elements work together. However, the following tips will remind you how much fun working on this space can be. 

  1. Mix materials. Many people want to avoid being too experimental with their kitchen designs. You can make missteps with this concept, so try to keep the look simple, but modern. Warm wood and cool metals go well together. Consider a butcher block countertop and metallic drawer fronts and chrome appliances. The contrast will be interesting and instantly grab attention. 

  2. All white. White kitchens still have a lot of appeal due to the clean and efficient look. Consider a blend of whites and off-white colors for the best effect. An abundance of natural light will optimize the look, so consider putting in larger windows to make this possible. The result will be an airy and cheerful space. 

  3. White with black accents. Another take on the mostly white kitchen is to support it with black accents. This works well in larger kitchens, but it can make smaller kitchens seem larger. 

  4. Experiment with black. Black is a great accent color that can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it on the walls as an accent color, or try black appliances in a white kitchen. Black with gold accents also works well in the kitchen

  5. Go rustic. A rustic kitchen does not mean that it will look old or outdated. A rustic kitchen adds warmth and character to the home. It is an inviting setting for anyone who loves to entertain. Ideas like farm tables, stone floors and weathered beams keep your creativity going as you decorate.

  6. Backsplash ideas. This functional element allows you to add even more to the design. Instead of the traditional types, consider something bold for your backsplash like gunmetal or obsidian tiles. While they are dark this can be easily offset by other elements of the space. 

  7. Opaque glass. This adds an interesting design to kitchen cabinets, and it is a good alternatives ot putting items on full display. There is a range in transparency, so you can decide how much you want to show. It can work with stainless steel, wood or painted cabinets. 

These are just a few of the many ideas you can use to bring some fun back kitchen remodeling. Start by setting a budget, so you will have an idea of what kinds of changes are with reach. 

Make Cleaning Your Bathroom a Snap with These Easy-to-Clean Remodeling Ideas 


The next time you think about remodeling your bathroom, consider including some easy to clean features. So, what are some the things you can do to help make cleaning day a breeze?

Handle Held Shower Sprayer

After you are finished showering, you can easily rinse the shower enclosure and floor off before getting out of the stall. You can also install this type of shower sprayer if you have a bath and do the same quick cleaning. 

The Right Tiles and Countertop Material

When cleaning a bathroom, the type of tile and countertop help determines how quickly you can clean. 

Make sure that the material used for the countertop is sealed. This will prevent liquid can seeping through ad staining the surface. 

Quality material keeps their finish for years, so cleaning is quicker and easier as well. There is no need to buy and use expensive cleaners to make surface look good. Solid-surfaces for shower walls remove the need for grout which will get discolored over time and need extra cleaning to look good. 

Use Large Tiles

Keeping grout clean and preventing discoloration is a pain. One way to minimize this is to use large tiles in your bathroom. This means less grout to deal with when cleaning the floor. 

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Metal frames on shower enclosures can get gunky and dirty looking easily. These frames can be difficult and time-consuming to clean. Having enclosures that do not have frames remove one area that normally needs attention. 

Of course, glass requires cleaning, but a squirt of dishwashing and vinegar will make wiping down easy. Of course, using doors that are not made of glass is also another idea worth exploring. 

Types of Toilets

Wall mounted toilets makes it easy to clean under them without having to bend and scrub around the base. Toilets with removable seats are also worth considering. You can easily slide off the 

Wall Mounted Fixtures

A wall mounted faucet or toilet makes cleaning the floor a lot easier and quicker.  

In fact, you don’t even have to do a full renovation to benefit from some of the ideas above. Whether you like cleaning or not, these ideas will free up hours normally used to keep the bathroom clean. The best way to end up with a bathroom that is easy to clean is to take the time to design and think about what you want before starting the remodeling project. 

Kitchen Remodeling Trends that Last a Lifetime


Homeowners often remodel parts of their home to keep up with changing trends. A little research will show that many trends reemerge at some point. There are even some concepts that have stood the test of time, and are still used in many kitchens today. Here are some safe remodeling ideas you can use to keep your kitchen looking up-to-date for years to come. 

  1. The backsplash. This feature is becoming even more important in kitchens today. They have become more of a design focal point, instead of just a functional feature. Homeowners have shown a willingness to experiment with bold designs and styles such as art deco, mosaic and marble. In many kitchens, backsplashes are now larger as well. 

  2. Efficient cabinets. Cabinets are not relied on as heavily as they were in the past. This has led to more focus on improving their functionality to make the best use of storage. This means deeper drawers, pull and slide out features such as racks garbage cans. They are also made more efficient with dividers which make it easier to organize kitchen tools. 

  3. Quartz for countertops. Everyone wants a countertop that is sturdy, stain resistant and tough enough to hold up in even the busiest kitchens. The popularity of quartz has not diminished as it offers these qualities, and it is an attractive addition to any kitchen.. It is also affordable, making it great for long term value. 

  4. Dark or gray cabinet finishes. These finishes can help to simply almost any remodeling project. Since they can suit almost any décor or color scheme, it will be one less choice to worry about. Gray or dark cabinets can give the space a dramatic and sleek look. 

  5. Layered lighting. The kitchen is a special part of the home, and the lighting choices should reflect this. One source of general lighting is not enough for this space. Task lighting should be used for work areas, and it is now standard to incorporate under-cabinet lights as well.  

  6. The kitchen island. While some current remodeling plans and kitchen designs do not have islands, this is still a mainstay in many home. It makes any kitchen more functional by adding more storage and a dining area. It serves as an important design element as well. 

With these features, your kitchen will remain beautiful and trendy, and will always inspire conversation. You can combine these with some new kitchen trends to make a bold statement. 

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that Will Stop You in Your Tracks


One reason why people sometimes put off kitchen remodeling is that they struggle to come up with the right ideas. It is not as difficult as you might think, although it should not be taken lightly either. Sometimes, a kitchen can benefit from even modest changes. You should not feel that if you have a small budget, that a remodeling plan is pointless. Here are some of the ideas that will pay off in a big way. 

  1. Art Deco Backsplash. This is a good way to add some bold color if you feel that this is lacking. The interesting lines and geometric shapes will provide an interesting visual. Parts of the backsplash can pick up colors from other parts of the kitchen for a more cohesive look. 

  2. Butcher Block. For a new countertop idea, consider using wood. It has natural anti-bacterial properties and it can add some much needed warmth. You can sand and refinish it to get rid of scratches and keep it looking beautiful. 

  3. Give it more Light. If you turn on the kitchen lights in the daytime, your remodeling plans should address this. Put in natural light to add more cheer to the space. If the kitchen has no exterior wall, consider using installing a turret to improve the lighting. 

  4. Two tones for cabinets. If the cabinets need to be refreshed, there is no need to stick to one color. Two-toned cabinets will give the kitchen an instant visual lift. This look is not common in kitchens, so it will get some attention. It is best to use the lighter tone at the top and the darker color at the bottom. 

  5. A new countertop. You can refresh the look of the entire kitchen just by putting in a new countertop. Great options include marble, quartz, solid surface ceramic tile and laminate. 

  6. New appliances. You can change the appliances and avoid making major changes to the kitchen itself. Stainless steel is a popular finish, but it shows smudges and fingerprints easily. Look for products that offer energy savings. Black stainless steel, white and graphite are also worth consideration. 

  7. Period influence. Take inspiration from history to update the look of your kitchen. Ideas to get this look include painted finishes, usually greys or blues, bronze knobs and pulls and pencil molding on drawers. Natural wood, for the countertop of floor will help to complete the look. 

These ideas range in cost, so start by setting a budget. Stick to changes that do not involve moving plumbing or new electrical work to keep your costs down. 

Design the Perfect Kitchen for Entertaining with These Great Ideas


The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, and this even more evident when you entertain guests. Even a small gathering can prove challenging without an organized kitchen. You will need to have enough room to move around, and more if someone will be helping you. Ample storage is essential, and you need to have quick access to the items you need. 

If you plan to entertain guests, you should design your kitchen with this in mind. This should also be supported by the appliances you choose. Here are some ideas that will ensure that you have the right type of kitchen for this purpose.

  1. Make use of the island. This can be more than a meal prep and storage area. You can use this area to for seating your guests. This can be a time saver as you move between the stove and the island. 

  2. Use nearby space. If there is space next to the kitchen you can convert it into an entertainment area. With seating and maybe a small bar area, you can have plenty of space to use the kitchen without anyone getting in the way. 

  3. Open floor plan. Opening up the space creates ease of movement and allows you to have an organized gathering. This may require the removal of a wall so the kitchen floor space can be expanded. 

  4. Get the right appliances. To make a gathering memorable, you will need all the right tools. The appliances you choose will play a role in your ability to entertain successfully. A few ideas you can consider include a wine cooler, coffee machine and an ice machine. 

  5. Spacious countertop. You will need a suitable work area if you will make meals for more people than just your family. Meal preparation for large groups can be chaotic, so make sure you have enough room to get the work done. The material should also be easy to clean, as when you make meals in a hurry, there are bound to be spills. 

  6. Choose the right lighting. A kitchen should have different types of lighting for comfort and meal preparation. If you will use this space to entertain guests, keep this in mind when sorting through the lighting choices. Dimmable lighting may be ideal for some gatherings. This will allow control for a variety of activities. 

You can find plenty of great ideas online for making the most of your kitchen. Contractors can also give you some ideas on how to make this space more inviting for guests. 

Kitchen Remodeling: What to Keep and What to Replace


Let’s say that you’re getting ready to remodel your kitchen, but your cabinets are still in great shape. Or maybe your backsplash is less than a year old, so you really don’t want to lose it. Whatever part of your existing kitchen that you still love can usually be kept, even if it needs to be moved as part of the remodeling process. Let’s look at some real advice from others who have remodeled their kitchen with great results.

  • Hardware: Hardware is one of those finishing touches that make a big visual impact on the finished kitchen. If you’ve recently replaced your hardware or if you have custom hardware that you just can’t let go of, please feel free to keep it. We’ll help you design your kitchen around this focal point. Otherwise, let’s find some amazing hardware to go with the new kitchen!

  • Cabinets: Your wood cabinets can be painted or sanded down and refinished. Painting them provides a nice, uniform appearance where sanding them to refinish gives you the opportunity to keep that wood grain you love. Cabinets are one of the items that may cost a good amount if they need to be replaced. So if you love your cabinets, refinish them, and allocate the funds to other areas. 

  • Appliances: Most remodeling projects include new appliances. It’s not a written rule of course, but it’s just the way things usually go. Choose appliances that work well with the way you use your kitchen. You may need that 6-burner, double-oven range if you do a lot of cooking or if you host a lot of parties. On the other hand, if you rarely cook because of your busy lifestyle, a simple 4-burner range with oven is an excellent addition. The bottom line is - don’t let yourself be pulled into the appliance war by all the pretty bells and whistles that you aren’t really going to make use of in the long run.

  • Countertop: This is where most homeowners want to put a good chunk of the budget. The cabinets and countertops are the primary things visitors see, and the most-used spaces in the kitchen. Take the opportunity to look at several types of countertop materials so you can make a well-informed decision when the time comes. 

  • Drawers: Change some of your base cabinets for drawers. Cabinets make storing pots and pans awkward. Deep drawers are absolutely the way to go with base cabinets, because you use the entire drawer, not just a portion of it like you would with the cabinet. 

  • Range Hood: Customize it. It really doesn’t cost much more to customize the range hood. You can create a range hood that looks like just another cabinet, or one that stands out from the rest of the kitchen, effectively creating a focal point. It’s entirely up to you, but don’t settle for a plain run-of-the-mill range hood.

How Can We Help You?

Give us a call if you’re in Cape Cod or the surrounding areas. We’ll help you make the tough decisions during your kitchen remodeling project. We will also work with you to design a kitchen that works well with that item you just don’t want to lose. 

How to Create a Successful Partnership with Your Kitchen Designer


A kitchen designer can help take some of the stress out of planning your new kitchen. Problems most often occur when lines of communication are strained in some way or missing entirely. We can work with you to design your kitchen or we can simply build the kitchen after it has been designed by a professional kitchen designer. Here are a few tips for working with a designer.

Know Your Budget

We start here simply because budget is everything. We always recommend that you create a design build budget with at least a 15% contingency. This gives you plenty of room to splurge a little if things are cheaper than planned. But make sure your designer knows your budget before they begin. 

Understand what Currently Works and what Doesn’t

You use your kitchen on a daily basis. You know what works and what doesn’t. You need to let your designer know what works as well as why it works for you. Then discuss what does not work and why it doesn’t work for you. Make sure they understand that you want to keep specific aspects in place while remodeling. 

Research before Calling a Professional Kitchen Designer

The entire kitchen design and remodeling process will flow much more smoothly if you have a good idea of what you want. Collect images of kitchens that you love so you can show the designer. This helps create an understanding and shows the designer the style you prefer. 

Be Flexible and Open to Other Ideas

While we fully understand that you have specific ideas in mind, we recommend going into this project with an open mind. You may have your mind absolutely set on one specific thing, but the designer has another idea for that thing. Give him or her time to explain their idea before putting your foot down and closing your ears. You might just find their idea appealing after all.

Create a Timeline 

You don’t want to be looking at different design ideas 6 months after you’ve hired the designer. Create a timeline and stick to it. Don’t allow yourself to get swept up in just one more idea. A good designer won’t generally need to present more than a few designs before you choose one.

Remember to be Patient

The design process is only the beginning of the whole remodeling process. Designing and building the perfect kitchen takes time and careful consideration. Be patient with yourself, your designer, and your builder; and request that they extend the same patients to you.

Cape Cod Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re in Cape Cod or the surrounding area and would like to schedule a kitchen remodeling consultation with us, give us a call. We’re happy to discuss your remodeling ideas and help you through the process. 

Granite, Marble, Quartz, and 4 Additional Kitchen Countertop Materials


The decision to remodel your kitchen isn’t one that comes easy to most homeowners. No one really likes the idea of having their home turned into a construction project. But the kitchen does need remodeling roughly every 7 to 10 years. You’ll need to consider moving things around to make it more efficient, and upgrading the appliances. 

The countertops are also something that needs a lot of attention because they’re so visible in the room. They can make or break kitchen design, and leave you wishing you’d made different decisions. That’s why today’s blog post is dedicated specifically to kitchen countertop material choices. We’re going to look at 7 different types of countertops and give a few pros and cons for each.


Granite starts at roughly $40 per square foot, which automatically raises eyebrows. It’s heat resistant and nonporous, making it an excellent material for countertops. Granite is a natural material, so no two pieces are going to be identical. 


Marble is also a natural material, which means each marble countertop will be unique. The price tag is often the reason homeowners choose granite or quartz over marble. But if you’re in the market to spend $120 or more per square foot, marble is a wonderful consideration. 


Quartz often falls right in the middle of the price range of granite and marble at about $70 per square foot. Although a natural material itself, quartz countertops are a combination of 93% crushed natural quartz, color pigments, and plastic resin instead of solid slabs of stone like granite and marble.

Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops are exactly what the name implies; a solid surface. They are not porous, and they don’t have grains or even seams to worry about. They’re made of durable acrylic and available in a wide variety of colors and designs. They’re roughly mid-range in terms of price, coming in at $50 to $75 per square foot.


Wood gives every kitchen a homey feel. Many homeowners think of butcherblock countertops as soon as we mention wood, but you can also use cherry, maple, mahogany, or other types of wood. Wood countertops generally range from $30 to $100 per square foot depending on the type of wood, the shape, and the finish.


Soapstone is an extremely durable material for kitchen countertops because it is basically impervious to chemicals. It offers a unique appearance and it is resistant to temperatures, staining, and scorching. You can expect to pay about $50 a square foot for soapstone.

Ceramic Tile

Tile is very affordable and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and options. This is the least expensive of the options listed here at only about $2 per square foot. Tile is a great DIY project if you’re into home improvement. The grout between the tiles must be sealed to help protect the countertop and ward off the buildup of bacteria.

Need Help Choosing a Kitchen Countertop Material?

If you’re in Cape Cod or the surrounding areas, call us and we’ll help you plan your kitchen remodeling project. Our designers will work with you to design the kitchen you’ll love before we even begin the demolition process on your existing kitchen. 

Bathroom Remodeling for First Time Remodelers


Out of the many people why people take a while to get around to bathroom remodeling, one that stands out is that many are afraid to take a chance. With new appliances and technology being unveiled, updating the kitchen usually seems more worthwhile, and the bathroom is left neglected. However, your bathroom may be in need of a style upgrade, so use the hints offered below to help you get started. 

Examine the Options

If you have not addressed your bathroom’s style limitations before, you may be surprised at the vast number of products available. Your first step should be to acquaint yourself with the latest in bathroom design. Everything from flooring to lighting to fixtures should be looked at. The Internet makes it easy to quickly browse some of the top products available so you can start to get an idea of which ones will work in your bathroom. 

  • The Faucet. The main considerations for picking the right faucet include a finish that will match your décor, and one that will suit the configuration of the sink. Your budget will be a factor as they vary in price, but you can get quality faucets without stretching your budget. Keep in mind the plumbing requirements and durability when buying a bathroom faucet. 

  • The Vanity. With the vanity you have to think about the available space, the height and the color or finish. If you have already chosen the wall or tile colors, take a sample when shopping for a vanity. Do not be tempted to buy one for its look without first working out these important details. 

  • The Sink. With endless designs available, it is easy to find the right sink, or to have regrets about the one you choose. Regardless of its location, the sink is generally considered a focal point in the bathroom, and should seem like one unit when combined with the vanity. This means it should help to tie together other design choices such as tiles, vanity and the colors. 

  • Lighting. Proper lighting is essential and a poorly lit bathroom can appear gloomy. If putting a task light over the mirror will be a challenge, consider adding a lighted mirror to the space. Like the kitchen, the bathroom can also benefit from layered lighting, with general illumination, and lighting for the bath or shower area. 

Many of your decisions will depend on the size of your bathroom and your personal tastes. Features like heated floors and towel racks can add an extra sense of comfort, but make sure they fit with your budget.